• Everyday I Pray

    Everyday I pray that something will change,
    That an angel will appear or a holy sage.
    To help get rid of all my troubles and worries,
    To make my life a bit more worth living.... more »

  • Happiness

    Happiness is when you have very few troubles and worries,
    It's when you have no reason to say to someone you're 'Sorry'.

    Happiness is when you have someone to love,... more »

  • Life

    Its not just a number of years that you live,
    Its how much of your effort you actually give.

    Its not just an excuse for you to do nothing,... more »

  • Light

    At day, at night, when the birds take flight,
    We wouldn't have a life without light.

    In candles, in oil lamps, from the sun it comes,... more »

  • Nature

    Creamy pink flowers blossoming off orchard trees,
    Sweet smelling flowers with pollen to attract bees.

    Everyday a new green leaf from a tree grows,... more »