• Attitude

    I'm the one you see at night, who gives you such a fright
    I'm the one you see at day, who scares you away
    I'm the one your gonna see for eternity,
    I'm gonna make an obsession out of me... more »

  • Beautifully Broken

    I saw it in your eyes
    under that disguise
    no matter how you tried
    i knew that you had lied... more »

  • Breathless

    Everytime i'm in a crowd i see you,
    your like a candle in the dark, lighting up my way and leaving me Breathless

    Everytime i fall asleep i see your face in my dreams,... more »

  • By Starlight

    Sadden by the lights of falling stars
    the laughter of a thousand children becomes one
    And on this night we wait for the morning to break
    to give our offers to the king... more »

  • Charming

    Realising that i can t be with you
    i back off and return
    to something that i'm used to
    before my fingers i do burn... more »

  • Completely Loved

    You hold me tight i feel complete
    in your arms so warm and sweet
    my heart still beating although its slow
    just hold me tight dont let me go... more »

  • Condone My Stupidity

    Adjusting myself to suit your needs
    reaping the wrong of your deeds
    not saying out loud what i felt
    not so sure if i could've dealt... more »

  • Desire

    Initiate disaster
    My hearts beating faster
    Eyes timid in low light
    Quiver at the sight... more »

  • Do U Want To Be My Man?

    I am, i am, i am for u
    I need and want to hold onto u
    but if u dont know
    then we cant grow... more »

  • Drawing Closer Into You

    Drawing closer into you
    Things are diffirent to
    The feelings that we had before
    The things we said disappears once more... more »

  • For Life

    In all of this through thick and thin
    i promise every day, your heart i'll win
    Our love so strong, our hearts so young
    after all is said and done... more »

  • Forever You And Me

    Lovers come and go
    like winters snow
    but i know, our love is gonna last forever
    And never ever, will i doubt your love for me... more »

  • Forgetting

    Silent cries of sad goodbyes
    those dark blue eyes that lie
    The hurt inside still trapped in my
    chest so bruised and weak... more »

  • Forsaken

    Broken torn split in two
    not really knowing what to do
    with your scent left in my bed
    and my heart as heavy as led... more »

  • Get Up! Stand Proud!

    I dont know what to do anymore
    you've pushed me aside, shut the door
    without reason you've thrown me aside
    and i thought in you i could confide... more »

  • Get What U Give

    Words just come
    and poems just hurt
    feelings r gone
    and im left with the dirt... more »

  • Goodbye My Love

    Goodbye my love, it's time to let go
    till we meet again, i tell myself.
    As i say this, the tears run down my face
    asif for everyone of them a race.... more »

  • Have You Forgotten?

    Have you already forgotten
    the miles we walked
    have you forgotten
    about everything weve talked?... more »

  • Heartlight

    So many feelings I have for you
    so much to say, so much to do
    Feel like a little kid again
    my heart is once again to blame... more »

  • I Am Free

    Every step i take beats like a drum
    cus in my country i am the beat
    people of south africa
    stand together... more »

  • I Am So Glad!

    I cant believe that u next to me
    And finally I can just be
    Free to speak my mind
    To open up and find... more »

  • I Am Your Wife

    The bed is so cold, your goodbyes feel old
    and i cant believe your gone
    I miss your sweet breath on my neck
    and im left, wondering what we've done... more »

  • I Am Yours Forever

    With all of your beauty and honesty on your face
    i think i just found my hearts pace
    You complete me and make me so whole
    without you in my life i would have no soul... more »

  • I Belong To You!

    Never thought this man existed
    always doubting always missed it
    never saw the truth that i
    should just stop with asking why... more »

  • I Dont Have A Problem

    Turn the page when you done
    cus everything equals everyone
    the whole world against you
    thats what you getting to... more »