• I Hurt

    Surrendering, Compassion, my hand fitting in yours
    Enthusiasm, Trust, the beginning of our lives
    feeling all i can feel
    being everything that s true and real... more »

  • I Just Want Us To Be

    All these feelings that i have, make me so confused
    cant believe how i feel, not one day passes
    not one, where i dont think of you
    so now, what do i do?... more »

  • I Miss Your Love

    For all the reasons I dont know why
    my mind stands still while the world passes by
    Dont hate me cus I'm not like you
    I'm just trying to see this through... more »

  • I Still Blame You!

    My stomachs turning
    eyes are burning
    have to get away from you
    Cant believe i feel this way... more »

  • I Still Call For Thee

    Love, i call to thee
    the one that cometh from all purity
    like water flowing down an enchanting river
    i think of life without thee and start to quiver... more »

  • I Want To Be With You.

    When i think of you i smile
    just hold me for a while
    I want to be by your side
    and never ever wanna hide... more »

  • I Will Wait For You

    I willcarry you home
    and make sure your not alone

    I will show my unutterable love to thee... more »

  • If You Only

    So difficult this is
    leaving you like this
    but sweet words you dont wanna hear
    and this is what i feared.... more »

  • In My Dreams We Can Be

    Your eyes tell stories that I like to read
    Your lips suggest that u want me
    If body language speaks a tale
    Then on your ocean I would sail... more »

  • In You I Find My Happiness

    In your eyes I hide my soul
    In your arms I lose control
    In your smile I feel at ease
    In your power my anger flees... more »

  • It Just Aint Real!

    My body turning but your face still stays
    and in my mind your words replay
    Suddenly i am aware
    of your prescence everywhere... more »

  • It' S You I Want

    Contaminated is my mind
    with thoughts of you
    what we did
    and what we couldnt do... more »

  • It Was The Wrong Choice

    Tears streaming down my face
    heart beating at rapid pace
    As i sit alone in the rain
    i dropp my head in shame... more »

  • Ive Lost My Mind To You!

    I try to block out any thoughts of you
    so i dont drive myself insane
    but its kind of hard to do
    when im crying out your name... more »

  • Jitters

    You absolutely gorgeous man!
    I look at you and can barely stand
    On my two feet next to you
    And wonder what I should do... more »

  • Just Give Me Sum Time

    I have no idea what to do
    all these feelings that i have for u
    my mind and heart is fighting again
    and i stand outside in the rain... more »

  • Just Leave

    Just leave now
    dont come back
    dont ask how
    but its love we lack... more »

  • Just Leave Me Now

    You just take me for a fool don’t you
    Think u can just carry on like you do
    Not realizing how you hurt me
    Open your eyes maybe you’ll see... more »

  • Just Let Us Be

    As a whisper escapes your mouth so cold
    i feel the terror of being alone and old
    Dont say anything and leave this place
    never again do i wanna see your face... more »

  • Just Me...

    Complications in this heart
    not medically but emotianally
    For this is how it starts
    i get involved irrationally... more »

  • Just Need Me!

    My hearts in pieces, my eyes full of tears
    so lonely i am cus you re not near
    I want to be with you right now
    make you mine and not ask how... more »

  • Let Go

    I touch your face it's drenched with tears
    i thought you'd be mine for years
    Even though it hurts me so, i have to let you go.
    This heart is torn and i'm not sure... more »

  • Life...How Freakishly Quick Things Happen

    For the sun might shine today
    and tomorrow not a ray
    For rain may fall all night long
    and a 100 rights wont correct a wrong... more »

  • Love'Ly'Ness

    Daylight comes i see the sun
    another day for everyone
    Happy days and cheerful years
    crudeness, harshness and some yeers... more »

  • Melancholy Lullaby

    I have no more tears to cry.
    This is my melancholy lullaby
    This heart of stone, made me alone
    take away this greyscale tone.... more »