• Mother Nature

    With my heavy feet i walk all over you
    you just smile and let your warmth shine through
    over the scorching desert into your oceans
    we walk all over you,... more »

  • My African Dream

    My dream, a dream of peace
    a dream of laughter and ease
    children running free
    playing in the streets... more »

  • My Belle

    Glorious night fall upon me
    as my one true love i will once again see
    at the ball we ll meet tonight
    and dance away in moonlit night... more »

  • My Bitter End

    You left me alone in the rain on a Saturday night,
    screaming your name I held on tight
    to the piece of cotton I tore from your shirt,
    like a handfull of thorns everything hurt.... more »

  • My Black Rose

    As i walk through this desert of neverending pain
    i feel the life slip out of me,
    i feel my brain exploding, my body overflowing,
    the pressure continueing.... more »

  • My Broken Heart Lies In You!

    I have this hollow feeling in my core
    this empty feeling aching sore
    All i want is just your touch
    tell me if it's way to much... more »

  • My Child Of The Sun

    My child of the sun
    i know yur scared
    how far will you run
    for what are you prepared?... more »

  • My Fearful End

    Powerful eyes watching my every move
    foul words asif to prove
    that it can mess with my head
    and forever put me to bed... more »

  • My Forever Friend

    My friend, my companion, my soul
    when i see you, you make me whole... more »

  • My Heart Again!

    Why is it everytime I think im right
    Theres always sumthing out of sight
    And now I am so freaking tired
    So frustrated and so wired... more »

  • My Immoral Angel

    My wide eyed beauty from down under
    with a mouth so perfect and words of thunder
    I try to console you, but you fight back
    i touch your cold skin, it's life you lack... more »

  • My Past, My Yesterday

    Trying to follow in the footsteps of the person i once was,
    i look around and walk around trying to find my cause
    I look at the world and it looks back at me,
    my eyes are open but i cannot see, what the future holds for me... more »

  • My Promise To You!

    I love u more than u will ever know!
    I love u more than i could ever show
    Inside my heart ive placed ure name
    no more heartache no more shame... more »

  • My Tarnished Heart

    I lie awake my mind running around
    thinking of this love i found
    for when we met it felt so right
    you holding me in your arms so tight... more »

  • My True Feelings

    Just dont know anymore
    my heart is broken, so very sore
    and i ask why do i hurt myself so
    and im the one who said let go... more »

  • No Means No! ? ? !

    Feeling this in my strange heart
    Cus id like to think this is the start
    But when I speak to you my dear
    The words you say make your feelings clear... more »

  • Obscured Feelings

    Staring into brand new eyes
    wanting to let you into my disguise
    i knew you knew about him now
    and wished there was a reason just a how... more »

  • Oh Buddy Of Mine

    Your my buddy your my pal
    your my friend who does me well!
    Your friendship will sail across the seven seas for all the days to come
    and never ever in those days will i think that this is dumb... more »

  • One Night Of Passion

    Im sitting here staring at you
    and think of what we could do
    but moments pass us by
    without a clue we sigh.... more »

  • Our Picture Perfect World

    Morning breaks like a fallen glass,
    and all i see are dewdrops on grass.
    Glistening in the morning sun,
    the pearls of heaven are on the run... more »

  • Our'simple' Cheat

    Insanity, Love, Charity
    make me feel the possibility
    the crush dumped on my heart
    feeling reality, were apart... more »

  • Papercut Sensations

    Screaming at the heavens
    i know you couldnt hear me
    but i was crazy angry
    and you couldnt see... more »

  • Please Forgive Me

    Please forgive me... for naming the stars after you
    Please forgive me... for tearing my heart in two
    Please forgive me... for feeling safe in your arms
    Please forgive me... for falling for your charms... more »

  • Restrained Me

    Sable eyes staring into the sky
    a casualty to the question why
    A reason needed since mine birth
    why was i put on this earth?... more »

  • Sanity

    The pressure is to much i cant with stand
    take it in my small fearsome hand
    one draw nothing yet
    second draw now i'm set... more »