• A Man I Once Knew

    I look into the eyes of a man I once knew
    He longs to be with his wife and daughter too
    I see his heartbreak and sadness on his face
    I ask; “how did you end up alone in this place”?... more »

  • In Vein

    Wedding ring on the night stand now covered in dust
    Along with the pictures of us
    I cry for you………
    Picking up the pieces of my heart... more »

  • Pass The Night

    My heart breaks in a sea of sorrow
    Drowning beneath my broken dreams
    Till my eyes close to pass the night
    And part my tears... more »

  • The Diamond Of My Eye

    Twinkling stars at night
    Light up the sky
    How I wonder
    if you can see them too…... more »

  • Unicorn

    She is made up of my hopes, wishes and dreams
    Yet it seems, I have spent my life searching
    Does my unicorn exist
    Is she for real or just a myth... more »