• Geri's Smile

    Like ocean waves that never reach the shore, I have failed you.
    I have failed in loving you. And I feel underserving.
    I don't recognize these hands that fail to even write these words.
    My lovely girl, love is but an illusion.... more »

  • Grandma Dot

    I’m losing you; I feel it when I stand by your bedside watching you sleep. Listening to you breath with the long pauses in-between.

    Hearing the rattling in your chest, sounds like a demon trying to scrape its way through your sore diseased lungs, it’s unnerving and painful to watch but I do, I do.... more »

  • In My Pocket

    Words slipped from my mouth and hung around like a cloud of smoke making my eyes water and my heart ache.

    This is how fast it happens, this is how fast love can turn to hate.
    It all falls down around me and I watch in silence, because words have no meaning now.... more »

  • In The Evening Sadness Comes

    In the evening sadness comes
    unwanted and absolute
    the ticking of the clock taunts me, like a school yard bully
    when the world outside rests, I lay my head in turmoil.... more »

  • Remember Me

    I find sweet solace in the quiet calm
    I breathe in deep and feel the cool damp on my lungs.
    As tears sting my eyes I breathe in memories of you.
    At the end of our dock looking over our lake I look in the water and see your reflection.... more »