• Broken

    My heart is broken
    Spilt in two
    One half for me
    One half for you.... more »

  • He Loves Me... Not

    He loves me
    He loves me not
    He loves me
    He loves me not... more »

  • Love

    Isn't love supposed to be
    Something you enjoy
    Not something you play with
    Like a child's toy... more »

  • My Wish

    I wished upon a star,
    last night.
    I wished that you could hold,
    me tight.... more »

  • Someone Else

    You are in everything I think
    and in everything I say
    from the start of every morning
    to the ending of each day... more »

  • Why...What?

    What is love?
    It is so confusing
    i know it is a feeling
    but what is it supposed... more »