• Across The Room

    Watching you look across the room,
    And to only find despise within your sight,
    Makes me wonder if saying goodbye,
    Will come back and haunt me,... more »

  • Alternate Reality

    A petal for a kiss,
    A rose for an eternity.

    Unlikely people,... more »

  • Always Here, Always Watching

    Stuck and blinded in the space of a memory,
    Running the yet-to-be plays in my head,
    Walking into the always number one room,
    Laying my eyes on the most obvious of people,... more »

  • Amore Mio

    Amore mio,

    Close by or continents far,
    In my mind you live and linger around.... more »

  • And So, With A Strike Of A Key And A Swing Of The Eyes...

    And so, with a strike of a key and a swing of the eyes, the storm was freed from its cage.

    I have felt its bone-chilling breath on my neck,
    and I experienced the torment of it's acid rain on my brittle skin,... more »

  • Audience

    I've searched far and wide,
    For the kid that lived inside of me a long time ago.

    I've dug holes through my chest,... more »

  • Bff Love

    Best friends,
    Roaming the streets;
    Careless teenagers,
    Waving to the people they meet.... more »

  • Bubbles In The Air

    The bubbles in the air,
    Float aimlessly throughout the atmosphere.

    They dance their invisible dance,... more »

  • Come Back For Me

    Than.... more »

  • Coming Home To Real Love

    I pull out the burnt spoon
    Bring out the blade
    I’m all alone and so soon
    The agony will be washed away…... more »

  • Cotton Space

    This lamp is always shining,
    It has never abandoned this dusty room.

    The room is quite the size, though.... more »

  • Cupid Had Mercy On Me

    I’d like to give away your smile to the moon
    So every night I watch it I can think of you.... more »

  • Dear Memories

    Do you remember me?
    We went to school together,
    You probably don't,
    I mean,... more »

  • Dear True Love,

    Dear true love,
    Forgive me, for I have been naive.
    And even in the circumstances where my tongue has been stilled by fear,
    My heart has remained persistent.... more »

  • Demanding A Lie

    There laid my own shining sun on the tan pores of my skin,
    and therefore I analyzed what people's behavior may mean towards my behalf.

    I examined with detachment, for that could guarantee security in the truth,... more »

  • Encounter With A Giant

    And finally I stumbled out of the cursed forest.
    The place, infested by vines, moss, and death,
    Had left my feet weary and deteriorated.
    I had stood in the frosty aura of rain as it pummeled me,... more »

  • Femur

    I know how to skin a muscle to the bone.

    First, you tear the high pitched cartilage to the length of a needle,
    and as you hold the knife with your teeth... more »

  • For It Is You Who Has Killed Me

    I dare to blame you for my death,
    For it was your eyes that overlooked me from between the shadows and have focused on the decorations of an altar,
    For it was your ears that missed the layers of my troubled voice and have concentrated on a stranger's sugary whisper,
    For it was your embrace that lost its meaning and has wandered off into warmer arms,... more »

  • Found You

    Have I found you,

    On Rygar Boulevard,... more »

  • Hooker

    You do the same thing with all them guys;
    You mess and play with their minds,
    But you won't do the same thing with me,
    Because I'll treat you differently.... more »

  • Hurst To Be Gay

    You talk shit about 'them people'
    You say they aren't really people.
    You think it's abomination.
    You offend them with your words.... more »

  • I Read A Book

    I read a book this summer
    The book was about you
    And honestly I don’t know what to think
    But I think I know what to do.... more »

  • I Will Never Let You Go

    Your eyes may not be water pure,
    Your lips may not be rosy red,
    And your hands may not be cotton soft,
    But you're still the most flawless thing I have ever seen.... more »

  • If Anything...

    If I had love,
    I would breathe a kilo tonne of carbon monoxide particles.

    If I had good looks,... more »

  • If Only One Day

    If only one day I could
    Make your heart raise its pace
    If only I could learn your formula
    If only I had the power to daze.... more »