i was born in mexico city of mexico in a poor family my my mom magarita flores soriano was working all the time and had no time for me my grandma took care of me and loved me.my dad was in the united states working for me and my mom so we could have a better life than him we eventully came to the united states when i was 4 and made freinds easily.all my life was harsh.when i feel i got back on my feet. my freinds were always there for me when i was knocked out. im not a lost cause. i am a good funny person to hang out with. i like watching movies and going out with freinds. i am emo so dont be suprised but i get good grades and in the future i am planning to go to college and then to the university of irvine to study at the medical center. my spelling is not the best in the world but i try to do it as good as i can.: p


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can you see this in me
have you felt what can be
suffering wholly into thee
let this pain set me free... more »


decision... more »

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