I have been writing since my early 20's. I began with poems and then went in to writing about my life and the lives of family and people who impressed me, both good and bad.
Because I worked until this past January, I have 4 complete short stories and 2 that I am presently working on. They aren't ready to publish because of a lot of editing. In fact editing is a full time job in itself.


Carmella Opie Poems

We Are Love

Can anyone know love as we do and not have loved one another before...perhaps in a past life.
For the depth of our love is beyond what a person can experience in one lifetime...we blend as one.

As a tree with its branches outstretched...giving of itself life to many leaves...but still remaining whole.... more »

Life And Trying

Todays hardships blended with yesterdays pain...
leaves questions for tomorrow that still remain.

Amidst our tears are desires and dreams...... more »

The Promise Of Love

Take his hand...promise love, friendship and to always be there.
Take his love...cherish it...become one with him.

Reach out...touch him with your love...let him bathe in... more »

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