• A Destiny


    THERE was a lady, who had early wed
    One whom she saw and lov'd in her bright youth,... more »

  • A Voice From The Factories

    WHEN fallen man from Paradise was driven,
    Forth to a world of labour, death, and care;
    Still, of his native Eden, bounteous Heaven... more »

  • An Emblem Of Life

    Oh! Life is like the summer rill, where weary daylight dies;
    We long for morn to rise again, and blush along the skies:... more »

  • As When From Dreams Awaking

    AS when from dreams awaking
    The dim forms float away
    Whose visioned smiles were making
    Our darkness bright as day;... more »

  • Babel

    KNOW ye in ages past that tower
    By human hands built strong and high?
    Arch over arch, with magic power,
    Rose proudly each successive hour,... more »

  • Dedication

    ONCE more, my harp! once more, although I thought
    Never to wake thy silent strings again,
    A wandering dream thy gentle chords have wrought,... more »

  • Description Of A Lost Friend

    LOST--near the 'Change in the city,
    (I saw there a girl that seemed pretty)... more »

  • Dreams

    SURELY I heard a voice-surely my name
    Was breathed in tones familiar to my heart!
    I listened-and the low wind stealing came,... more »

  • Edward

    HEAVY is my trembling heart, mine own love, my dearest,
    Heavy as the hearts whose love is poured in vain;... more »

  • Escape From The Snares Of Love

    YOUNG LOVE has chains of metal rare,
    Heavy as gold-yet light as air:
    It chanced he caught a heart one day... more »

  • First Love

    YES, I know that you once were my lover,
    But that sort of thing has an end,
    And though love and its transports are over,... more »

  • I Cannot Love Thee!

    I CANNOT love thee, tho' thy soul
    Be one which all good thoughts control;
    Altho' thy eyes be starry bright,... more »

  • I Do Not Love Thee

    I DO not love thee! - no! I do not love thee!
    And yet when thou art absent I am sad;
       And envy even the bright blue sky above thee,
    Whose quiet stars may see thee and be glad.... more »

  • I Was Not False To Thee

    I WAS not false to thee, and yet
    My cheek alone looked pale;
    My weary eye was dim and wet,... more »

  • Ifs

    OH! if the winds could whisper what they hear,
    When murmuring round at sunset through the grove;
    If words were written on the streamlet clear,... more »

  • Love Not

    LOVE not, love not! ye hapless sons of clay!
    Hope’s gayest wreaths are made of earthly flowers—
    Things that are made to fade and fall away
    Ere they have blossom’d for a few short hours.... more »

  • Mary

    YES, we were happy once, and care
    My jocund heart could ne'er surprise;
    My treasures were, her golden hair,... more »

  • May-Day, 1837


    MAY-DAY is come!--While yet the unwillng Spring
    Checks with capricious frown the opening year,... more »

  • My Childhood's Home

    I HAVE tasted each varied pleasure,
    And drunk of the cup of delight;
    I have danced to the gayest measure
    In the halls of dazzling light.... more »

  • My Heart Is Like A Withered Nut!

    MY heart is like a withered nut,
    Rattling within its hollow shell;
    You cannot ope my breast, and put
    Any thing fresh with it to dwell.... more »

  • My Native Land!

    WHERE is the minstrel's native land?
    Where the flames of light and feeling glow;... more »

  • Old Friends

    HOW are they waned and faded from our hearts,
    The old companions of our early days!
    Of all the many loved, which name imparts... more »

  • On Seeing Anthony, The Eldest Child Of Lord And Lady Ashley


    IT was a fair and gentle child
    Stood leaning by his mother's knee;... more »

  • On The Purple And White Carnation

    'TWAS a bright May morn, and each opening flower
    Lay sunning itself in Flora's bower;
    Young Love, who was fluttering round, espied... more »

  • Picture Of Twilight

    Oh, Twilight! Spirit that dost render birth
    To dim enchantments; melting heaven with earth,
    Leaving on craggy hills and running streams... more »