• Recollections

    DO you remember all the sunny places,
    Where in bright days, long past, we played together?
    Do you remember all the old home faces... more »

  • Recollections Of A Faded Beauty

    AH! I remember when I was a girl
    How my hair naturally used to curl,
    And how my aunt four yards of net would pucker,... more »

  • Sonnet I

    SWEET marble I didst thou merely represent,
    In lieu of her on whom our glances rest,
    Some common loveliness,--we were content,... more »

  • Sonnet Ii

    BLESS'D wert thou, whom Death, and not Decay,
    Bore from the world on swift and shadowy wings,... more »

  • Sonnet Iii

    AND bless'd was she thou lovedst, for whose sake
    Thy wit did veil in fanciful disguise... more »

  • Sonnet Iv

    BE frank with me, and I accept my lot;
    But deal not with me as a grieving child,
    Who for the loss of that which he hath not... more »

  • Sonnet Ix

    WHEN our young Queen put on her rightful crown
    In Gothic Westminster's long-hallow'd walls,... more »

  • Sonnet V

    BECAUSE I know that there is that in me
    Of which thou shouldst be proud, and not ashamed,--
    Because I feel one made thy choice should be... more »

  • Sonnet Vi

    WHERE the red wine-cup floweth, there art thou!
    Where luxury curtains out the evening sky;--
    Triumphant Mirth sits flush'd upon thy brow,... more »

  • Sonnet Vii

    LIKE an enfranchised bird, who wildly springs,
    With a keen sparkle in his glancing eye
    And a strong effort in his quivering wings,... more »

  • Sonnet Viii

    SILENT companions of the lonely hour,
    Friends, who can never alter or forsake,
    Who for inconstant roving have no power,... more »

  • Sonnet X

    SPIRIT of Grace, whose airy footsteps fall
    So lightly! sure the looker-on must be
    Most dull of fancy who doth not recall... more »

  • Sonnet Xi

    GREEN avenue, whose shadow dim and sweet
    Pleasantly shelter'd me in days of yore,... more »

  • Sonnet Xii

    I STAND beside the waves,--the mournful waves,--
    Where thou didst stand in silence and in fear,... more »

  • Sonnet Xiii

    LITTLE they think, the giddy and the vain,
    Wandering at pleasure 'neath the shady trees,... more »

  • Sonnet Xiv

    OH! crystal eyes, in which my image lay
    While I was near, as in a fountain's wave;
    Let it not in like manner pass away... more »

  • Sonnet Xix

    But since, in all that brief Life's narrow scope,
    No day pass'd by without some gentle deed,
    Let us not 'mourn like them that have no hope,'... more »

  • Sonnet Xv

    WHEN thy light fingers touch th' obedient chords,
    Which, with a gentle murmur, low respond,
    Waiting the measure of the coming words... more »

  • Sonnet Xvi

    WHITE Rose of Bourbon's branch, so early faded!
    When thou wert carried to thy silent rest,... more »

  • Sonnet Xvii

    Nor wert thou only by thy kindred wept,--
    Young mother! gentle daughter! cherish'd wife!
    Deep in her memory France hath fondly kept... more »

  • Sonnet Xviii

    SINCE in the pleasant time of opening flowers
    That flow'r, Her life, was doom'd to fade away,--
    Since Her dear loss hath shaded lovely hours,... more »

  • The Arab's Farewell To His Horse

    MY beautiful! my beautiful! that standest meekly by
    With thy proudly arched and glossy neck, and dark and fiery eye;... more »

  • The Autumn Wind


    HUSH, moaning autumn wind! be still, be still!
    Thy grieving voice forbiddeth hearts to rest;... more »

  • The Banner Of The Covenanters


    HERE, where the rain-drops may not fall, the sunshine doth not play,... more »

  • The Blind Man’s Bride


    WHEN first, beloved, in vanish'd hours
    The blind man sought thy love to gain,... more »