My whole biography would be quite long, so I'll just tell the story of my writing. I've been writing since I was about 10 years old. Short stories at first, then songs, poems, and I do have several ideas for novels. I find writing very therapeutic, as a lot of people do. I have over 800 poems and songs written up. I love to express every emotion that comes to me. All the pain of my past, the happiness of the present and the curiousity of the future. I am also an aspiring singer and would love to eventually have a record of at least one song written and sung by me.


Caroline Guedes Poems

Beauty Mark

I look at my reflection
and see all my imperfections
I start making a list
of all the changes I wish... more »


I've painted chevrons on the road leading to me
I've written poems in the clouds hoping you'd see
I've worn your favourite colour as a sign
I've been daydreaming, hoping you'd be mine... more »

Finding Me

I sneak into the tail end of a conversation
I stare at their faces and then
It becomes clear that these strangers
Are never going to be my friends... more »

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