Born and raised in Jozi (Johannesburg) South Africa. I've got green eyes and a very strange, ironic, hilerious sense of humour. (or like to think so) I have several tattoo's that are significant to period's in my life. I'm a middle child. I'm a city girl but I should be living in a forest somewhere writing poetry. My dad's Serbian, my mom's Cornish-Spanish/Welsh. I'm allergic to bee's and cortizone. I'm a paradoyx of many things, I'm right handed and have had septicemia twice (that was fun) if you want to learn more check me out on, http: // - hope you enjoy my work, if not then it's all good...


Carolyn Vuletic Poems


Crazed and silly and stupid as it may seem
I think I've just developed an infatuation with you, in you
I lost the need to write when I was with him
I had no inspiration... more »


Cape Town boy
So chilled, so fine
You're damaged goods, everyone knows
You facinate me so... more »

Sliced And Diced

each scar has a story
people look at you differently when they find out
your sanity is questioned
your stature lost... more »

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