• Angel Of Stars

    The angel lives in space
    Protects the world from danger
    She lives within a pace
    Gives us life and is careful... more »

  • Calling Of A Mermaid

    The Mermaid calls all creatures
    Of the big blue sea
    Come to Atlantis, Come to ME
    King of the Sea I'm calling you... more »

  • Dream

    Dreams are magical
    They sometimes can come true
    I'm a princess in a castle
    waiting for my prince to come... more »

  • Dreaming In Space

    My dream is in Space
    Where the planets aline
    Ships attack and stars shine
    With the bombs blasting and... more »

  • Enchanted Trees

    Grow young and strong with
    The moon sets with mountains
    The female grows flowers
    And the male grows ivy... more »

  • Four Elements

    The Mermaid shimmering in the water
    While the elf pleases her with a jewel
    The Butterflies and Dragonflies looking
    below... more »

  • Lady Iris

    A special lady in her land
    Holds a staff in her hand
    She controls the weather
    and helps nature... more »

  • Life

    Under the snow beneath the frozen streams there is LIFE
    You have to know when nature dreams there is LIFE
    The colder winter, the warmer spring
    the deeper the sorrow the more our hearts sing... more »

  • Life Is What You Choose It To Be

    ... more »

  • Mother Nature

    She has beauty in her heart
    And beauty in her gaze
    Kisses creatures that are
    created... more »

  • Nature Girl

    Her hands make rainbows
    She lifts her right foot and makes snow
    Hair head tilted back makes
    wood-land creatures come... more »

  • Night

    The night will come and moon will rise
    Soon will come winter time

    It's cold and wet and now... more »

  • Painting My World

    Painting my mountians
    grow long and wide

    And my forests... more »

  • Pandemonium

    People running
    People screaming
    'Hurry, Hurry' Hitler's coming
    Everyone run, Everyone hide... more »

  • Peacock Gaze

    Two peacocks Blue and White
    The Sky and Clouds in Sight
    Beauty of a Girl looking
    Beyond this World... more »

  • Reflection

    My Reflection is me
    A dream, a story, a fairy-tale
    Castles in my sleep
    Wars outside when I'm awake... more »

  • Scars 'N' All

    Take me as i am
    This is all that I got This isn't me
    I got flaws, I got faults
    It doesn't matter who you are... more »

  • See Me Both Ways

    You can't see both sides
    of me
    I am like a picture to figure out
    what I mean... more »

  • The Journey Ahead

    Our journey is long but much ahead
    of us

    We should enjoy the surroundings... more »

  • The Ship Of Stories

    The ship tells many stories
    but I'll give you one
    It's about a spirit that's on the RUN
    Flowers and Butterflies by her side... more »

  • The Spirit Goddess

    The Spirit Goddess
    is filled with life
    Blows the village that's about to die
    Rivers, rainbows, flowers, & trees... more »

  • The Unicorn Queen

    She looks at her kingdom
    So beautiful and pleased
    Hummingbirds hum in her
    ear... more »

  • Tiger With Wings

    I lay on you when I fell sad
    I fly away with you when I cry
    When I am with you angels sing
    You fly with me to heaven and bring peace... more »

  • Toxic

    Sometimes you feel weak
    But really your strength comes inside

    Don't believe what others tell you... more »

  • Twilight

    Darkness rises in the east
    the moon sets along with me

    The sun shines bright but struggles... more »