I have been through more than anyone could imagine, and yet i still try to be strong. If it was up to me, the people that hurt me so bad those times would be castrated, but they never will get more than fines and baby probahtion. There is no real justice in this world. That has been proven to me ten times over.


Carrie Everett Poems

Slip Away

What do you do when your life is slipping away?
when so much has happpened?
And there's nothing you can say
And there's nothing yu can do... more »

When Your Eyes Say It

I love to hear you say that you love me
With words so sweet
And the way with just one
Whisper, You tell me everything... more »

Get Away

Alarm's going off loud as it can be,
But it can't be heard,
Because it's over with me.
My life, my heart, my state of mind,... more »

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Carrie Everett 30 Apr 2007 02:34
very sweet, but obviously has some problems in life.