• 9-19-06

    how do u help someone when u need help urself?
    when ur just as lost and confused as they r?
    u love that person, but not in the way they think
    and they love u more than you can deal with... more »

  • As Unpredictable As The Weather

    You break my heart
    Then put it back together
    You play games
    As unpredictable as the weather... more »

  • Changing Classes

    Rush. Jumble. Panic.
    That's my everyday life.
    Afraid that there is at least one maniac
    that came to school to act crazy.... more »

  • Dear Diary

    Dear Diary;
    One day I saw a boy, and I wondered if he noticed me. He took my breath away. Now, I can't get him off my mind and it scares me cuz I've never been this way.
    Dear Diary;
    today I saw that boy, and as he walked by, I thought he smiled at me. And I wonder does he know what's in my heart? I try to smile but I cna hardly breathe. Do I tell him how I feel or would that scare him away? Diary, tell me what to do, please tell me what to say.... more »

  • Do You Love Me?

    Do you love me?
    I was asked that today.
    Love is a strong word.... more »

  • For Just One Hour

    For just one hour
    The whole world was right
    You held me tight
    I felt like I was on a high... more »

  • Get Away

    Alarm's going off loud as it can be,
    But it can't be heard,
    Because it's over with me.
    My life, my heart, my state of mind,... more »

  • Good Nights Forever

    Alone in a room, screaming for help
    Across your back there seems a welp
    but it shoulda been expected 9 months ago
    when you went too far, didn't say 'no'... more »

  • Heart Of Stone

    We were so in love that night.
    I watched, you proved it with your eyes.
    They were filled with a heavenly light.
    My mind and body still full of delight.... more »

  • I Gotta Do It.

    How can I love you
    Even as I hate you?
    Your dark, sensual eyes, warm hands,
    smart elect attitude...... more »

  • It's Wrong To Hate Someone

    It's wrong to hate someone.
    I think I should let you know.
    Before I say it out loud.
    And you reap what you sow.... more »

  • My True Love Mate

     It’s been two years, with hardly a whisper.
     Now, a big bang rocked me to my core.
     But, I am not a bird ready to soar.
     I feel sick, like I’ve been attacked by a boar.... more »

  • Not So Blue

    You are amazing
    Dont you know what you do to me?
    I want to get you alone for hours
    And show you what you have never seen... more »

  • Slip Away

    What do you do when your life is slipping away?
    when so much has happpened?
    And there's nothing you can say
    And there's nothing yu can do... more »

  • To Get By

    Sometimes I laugh
    Sometimes I cry
    But it's not enough to get by
    I need to feel... more »

  • Tribulations Of The Heart

    What can you do when your heart's torn in two?
    Your mind is going haywire
    And you don't know what to do.
    Life is a huge mystery... more »

  • Until That Day

     I saw a man that wasn’t there
     He wasn’t there, I swear
     But then there he was, as soon as I turned to stare
     Sitting upon the topmost stair... more »

  • When Your Eyes Say It

    I love to hear you say that you love me
    With words so sweet
    And the way with just one
    Whisper, You tell me everything... more »

  • You Can'T Run Away

    You can't run away
    To move could be to die
    Looking into those carzed eyes
    With hunger shinging in them... more »