• A Day At The Gallery

    No pictures in the gallery, no where to be seen,
    only local dwellers doing the drug addict lean.
    No sculptures on pedestals, no special
    lighting on the walls,... more »

  • A Letter From God

    My child, why do you cry? Why do you grieve?
    when you know all you have to do is believe.
    I am the Omnipotent One,
    all your troubles shall be gone.... more »

  • African Queen

    Celebrate our birth, without us
    life is one dimensional

    Enjoy the touch of our soft hands... more »

  • Before I Wake

    Before I wake, I dream of a day
    when we will grow old together,
    we will spend hours on end
    discussing the plans... more »

  • 'Cause You My Girl

    I ain’t one of those hoochies that
    will sleep with your man and
    hang out with you at the club.... more »

  • Chicago Stepper

    I’m keeping it smooth, stepping so tight,
    a Chicago Stepper’s in the house tonight.

    It’s the end of the day, I’ve been patiently waiting.... more »

  • Distant Cousins

    Is it fear or recognition that I see when you look at me?
    Yes, you know who I am, your distant cousin
    from that far off land.
    Forever near, I’m always around,... more »

  • Don'T Be Wastin' My Time

    You know what I’m looking for
    and I like you just fine,
    but I’m tellin’ you straight,
    don’t be wastin’ my time.... more »

  • Echoes In My Head

    Thoughts echoing through my brain.
    Imprisoned with no where to go,
    no one to tell. Caught in a silent hell.... more »

  • Exceptional Spirit

    As I walk with my head held high,
    I can hear the people sigh,
    In this moment I am royalty and beauty personified.... more »

  • Family Unity

    A mom in your corner when times are bad,
    a sister to call when you’re feeling sad,
    being a friend when your brother has a breakup,
    a bear hug from your dad when you kiss and makeup.... more »

  • Keep Ugly To Yourself

    what do you think?
    I want to hear your
    malicious gossip?
    no,... more »

  • Little Girl Found

    I see her there,
    peering out from the glass.
    Faint traces of a little girl,
    laughing while she plays,... more »

  • Living On Death Row

    You don’t want to go there,
    it’s not a place to play fair.
    Your life is literally on the line,
    depending on that powder, white and fine.... more »

  • Love Don'T Leave

    Precious love, don’t leave me alone.
    Stay by my side, fill me up.
    gather me in your embrace,
    keep me warm and safe.... more »

  • Make Me An Offer

    Make me an offer,
    Of course, I won’t refuse.
    Buying souls is what I do.
    Money, drugs ambition, sin,... more »

  • My Legacy

    I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors,
    my predecessors holding hands that creates
    yet another rung to a ladder of great strength,
    A ladder of surmountable length.... more »

  • My Sweet Obsession

    You keep me smiling, you chase away my blues,
    my spirits are high when I’m with you.
    My days are long, when you’re gone.
    just barely existing when I’m alone.... more »

  • My Valentine

    My heart of hearts is searching for me as I am him.
    We seek out each other like lighthouse beacons on foggy nights,
    turning east, then west, north, south.... more »

  • No Gangsta Love

    Brothas killing each other on the streets,
    no one wants to retreat,
    or show any signs of defeat.... more »

  • No Lone Runners

    You take your first breath, your training begins.
    Your growth determines your stamina within.
    You start to run at a pace that’s slow and steady,
    Rest a minute, walk a little, sprint when you’re ready.... more »

  • No Violins

    No weeping or gnashing of teeth,
    No pity or woes,... more »

  • Obama's Song

    Today, on this day, we have a new leader,
    role model, a stellar choice
    for those who can not raise their voice.... more »

  • Our Three Wise Men

    You’ve brought so much to this world,
    your wisdom is continuously heralded.
    Your strength and determination cannot be forgotten
    neither can your compassion and empathy for the... more »

  • Stomp On It

    Head held high, you’re feeling no regrets.
    No shame in your game, you command respect
    A rod iron spine won’t let you bend,
    you don’t pretend but try not to offend.... more »