• Strong And Black

    It’s not coffee that we want,
    but a strong black man so we can flaunt
    him through the city and through the streets givin’
    everyone a chance to meet this empowered brotha,... more »

  • Temptations

    The chocolate that’s calling your name,
    flirting with someone on the train.
    Your friends offering you a smoke
    or the forbidden snort of coke.... more »

  • True Colors

    Yellow, Green, Blue,
    fear, envy, sadness,
    your colors shine so bright
    and they wave like a flag up high.... more »

  • Trust Works Both Ways

    Spy before you buy is what guys do now
    well two can play that game there’s no
    double standard now.... more »

  • When You Love Someone

    When you love someone
    Nothing is as bad as it seems
    You’re just happy to be
    Your love is intense and extreme.... more »

  • Who Are You Looking At

    If the world is constantly stomping on you,
    giving you the blues, here’s what you do,
    look at yourself.... more »

  • Wimps Don'T Grow In Gardens

    When did parents stop raising their sons to be men.
    Now is the time for reeducation to begin.
    Women are tired of raising their children alone.
    Men need to get it together and go home.... more »

  • Would You Love Me Any Less

    If I told you my secret would you love me any less?
    Would you dismiss me from your life
    and make me have regrets?... more »

  • Yearning

    What was that, that look I saw in your eyes as I turned to leave.
    I couldn’t just walk away without one last look at you.
    My heart skips, my knees are weak.
    Your eyes speak volumes to me but your lips were silent.... more »

  • You Make Me Feel

    Not a fiery inferno or a crackling blaze,
    it’s a very sultry, steamy haze
    that permeates from my core
    when you kiss me here and there and... more »