• A Deaf World

    Peaple used to say I'd become a nobody.
    They said I'd end up goin' to jail or diggin'
    holes for stiff and cold bodies but I ignored 'em
    if I keep goin' like a rain thats pourin' I might make it.... more »

  • Beyond Sanity

    Sleep...desired but
    Loneliness...unwanted but
    Bonded tight... more »

  • Fire

    its so beautiful
    yet so silent
    it can be used to alter time... more »

  • Monsters In The Dark

    sounds and scratches on the floor, as muscles
    tense from the sores.
    they fester deep and cling real tight, haunting
    taunting in the night... more »

  • My Abc Poem

    Allowing your way
    Blaming my name
    Claiming it was me
    During your game... more »

  • One Day Close

    One day close but far from now
    Love is waiting for love to be found
    It waits apon a morning mist
    Bestowed away so it will be missed... more »

  • One Wish

    If I could have just one wish
    I would wish to wake
    Up every day
    To the sound of your... more »

  • Salt

    She can't deny it
    It's all her fault
    The pain like a wound
    Covered in salt... more »

  • Spinning In Circles

    Skies made of black bulbs
    Rainbows creating a glow
    spinning in circles
    Colors blend... more »

  • Sweet Lovely

    sweet, sweet lovely,
    why do you cry?
    because beautiful monster,
    im dead inside... more »

  • Who Am I?

    I am a fragile female heart
    I wonder if love will find me
    I hear my hopes and fears
    I see the consequences of trust... more »