• Angelic Misconception

    arrive at your scene
    with the poison already in my veins
    A quarter to Nine
    with the light still glowing... more »

  • Battle Lost

    this kid told me I was dead
    and at first I didn't know what to do
    I was clueless
    Then I got mad... more »

  • Blackbird

    Theres this blackbird
    that no one knows about.
    It stays inside... more »

  • Blackbird Give Me What You'Ve Got

    Sitting out on the balcony
    hoping for something
    to keep me going
    and the sun is falling... more »

  • Carolina

    You could rent me
    Or just use me
    For all your needs and wants
    Take me in your pocket... more »

  • Four O' Clock

    At four in the morning
    I like to make
    A run from everything
    So I went out on my feet and... more »

  • From Time To Time

    From time to time
    You feel the urge to read
    At the bank
    Of The River Bed... more »

  • Future Tense

    helm helm... more »

  • Glorious Kent

    Riding through country roads today
    the biting cold on my cheeks and arms
    I know it is fall
    the leaves are starting to fall onto the groung... more »

  • Lion Breath

    I wander arround my
    Who gave that man courage?
    Why can't I do what I want... more »

  • Marijuana

    Smoking Marijuana?
    Well it's a bit like jazz
    You only listen to it to make you happy,
    give yourself an up... more »

  • Oh! The Mountains

    Here I'am
    walking across wide feilds of grain
    And here I'am walking into
    the mountains... more »

  • Shaving

    I Haven't shaved in days before tonight
    And how fulfilling and uplifting this event was
    Even though i may have cut myself and felt dumb
    In the end I felt good... more »

  • Thoughts On The Seasonal Change

    When I leave this town
    I'm not sure how I will feel.
    I do want to explore
    the Pacific coast... more »

  • Throne Of Gold

    I may never be a
    Dickens, Lawrence, Keats, or Brodsky
    I may never be a
    Ginsberg, Kerouac or Hemingway... more »

  • To Know Is To Understand

    When will he come?
    Our messiah, our God
    This rain seems to be
    Hesitant to fall... more »

  • Traveling Dreams; Just Dreams

    The nights being itself tonight
    With the wind blowing against
    The shutters that cover the holes
    And there behind those I lay awake... more »