Brought up in a little country town between Port macquarie and Coffs Harbor I learnt to dance at the age of 2. (ballet, Jazz, tap, anything you can think of really!) I've competed all over Australia for it with great results, and am still dancing now at 17 (soon to be 18) My dream is to be a dance teacher and to write several novels and poetry books for children and teenagers alike. I write poetry that comes purely from the heart, and express my self complety through my writing and dancing. Both things are outlets for my emotion. The dancing allows me to express myself with my body, and the writing I express myself with my mind and soul. No matter whether the writing is completly my or your own, if it is referenced and comes from the heart than that is ultimatley what poetry is all about.


Catherine Riley Poems


Dancer twirling upon the stage,
you bring to life the stories written on a page.
For years I have watched you,
grow and mature,... more »

Let Me Alone

let me alone
let me be
with hate
and pain... more »

Listen To The Wind

Counting down the days not far away
Take the journey down the side of yesterday
And if there’s a chance I’ll learn
I’ll listen to the wind... more »

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