• A Poem For My Lover

    I watch you from across the room,
    My girlfriends all chatting it up with you,
    Wanting you...
    Wanting to take a ride.... more »

  • Autumn Love

    In the springtime of my youth
    A boy I once did love
    Although he promised not a thing
    No moon, no stars above... more »

  • Dear Kate

    ‘Dear Kate…’ it began,
    She smiled at the sound of it - ‘Dear Kate’
    ‘Don’t fall in love with me…’ - too late, she sighed
    Her smile waning as ‘Dear Kate’... more »

  • Epitaph For Homey (My Lovers’ Alter Ego)

    Here lies Homey - the chameleon,
    Sweet and endearing,
    Handsome and charming,
    Foolish and deceiving,... more »

  • I Love You, Baby

    “I love you baby”
    I whisper
    As you leave for work.... more »

  • Lost In Thot

    The radio is on, but I don’t hear it,
    It seems so quiet and still as we travel
    Down this old familiar highway -
    We must have gone down this highway a hundred times.... more »

  • Memories

    It’s so quiet today, save a few peripheral noises
    From the world outside.
    Voices down the hall, indistinguishable words,
    Clicks on keyboards, paper rustling,... more »

  • Slumbersex

    Half asleep I feel you slide closer to me.
    Your arms reaching around me,
    Pulling me tight and close.... more »

  • The Cat

    Evening’s begun,
    That peaceful time of day
    When it is just you and I,
    And the cat.... more »

  • The Muse Is Gone

    The muse is gone, she left in the night,
    Taking my creativity with her.
    Packing up my words, and the color of my thots,
    Then stealing away without a sound,... more »

  • Wet Dreams

    Before the dawn I lie awake,
    With loins astir and muscles tensing
    I squeeze my thighs together
    To calm the storm... more »