• A Childs Life Beneath The Covers

    Everythings a blur and nothing feels the same
    I'm living a life that's not my own, and feeling someone else’s pain.
    For this was not my will, nor was it my wrong choice.
    And to all of those around me, to them I have no voice.... more »

  • A Desperate Prayer

    Dear God I hope you'll hear me
    And listen to my cry
    Forever I cannot be here
    And here I want not die... more »

  • A Heartbeat Away

    I carry you in this heart of mine
    So as long as I live you'll be
    And though we're worlds apart in time
    You are a heartbeat away to me... more »

  • A Poets Heart

    A poet does translate his heart
    And inscribes it on a page
    So forever it might live on
    Through time and death and age... more »

  • A Sailors Curse

    Her love was like a sailors passion
    Towards the raging sea
    And he was like her ocean
    Wild, simply free... more »

  • Caged

    Alone beneath a darkened veil
    I lay down and cry
    Because my wings are clipped and I am caged
    But I was born to fly... more »

  • Cry To Me

    When the moon blocks out the sun
    When you have no place to run
    When the load feels like a ton
    Cry to me... more »

  • Cupid's Lesson

    Surrender, oh Cupid, your arrows
    For my heart does sorely weep
    I have carelessly fallen in love
    With a man I cannot keep... more »

  • Food For Thought

    To hope is to gut it out
    tomorrow's a brand new day
    To dream is to want something
    more than words can say... more »

  • He Is My Spring

    Like the rain upon sun beaten earth
    He drowned my soul with hope and glee
    Where barren lands once did reside
    Wild flowers can now run free... more »

  • Here's To My Good Friend Doc Wilde

    Here’s to my good friend Doc Wilde
    Raise up your drinks, say cheers
    He has faith and a heart like a child
    And wisdom from time and years... more »

  • I Am Your China Doll

    You snuggle up beside me
    Hold me close against your chest
    You kiss my lips so gently
    Yet it's full of zeal and zest... more »

  • I Grinned, I Laughed, I Sighed.

    He laid me down upon his bed
    Sheets of silk and satin lace
    His wandering lips did please me
    As he teased at every bashful place... more »

  • I Love Because I Can

    I don't love because of want
    I don't love because of man
    Some say that loves a stunt
    But I love because I can... more »

  • I Never Said Goodbye...

    I hope you know that I never said goodbye
    And that I will love you till the seas run dry.
    I had never felt the kind of love you gave
    But I am a child, a child not so brave,... more »

  • Kristin Davis: Remember Who You Are (There's Nothing To Fear)

    I know the fear within you aches
    It captivates your mind
    But I know you have what it takes
    Though you fear you're walking blind... more »

  • Little Girl, Blue Eyed Baby

    Little girl
    Blonde hair, blue eyed baby
    We knew it
    Someday we'd grow up, just maybe... more »

  • Love, My Crime.

    He is to me my secret love
    A treasure within my heart
    A precious valued hidden gem
    With him I shall not part... more »

  • My Love

    My love, oh how I long for you
    In your arms I ache to be
    Without you my heart would stop
    For it beats for only thee... more »

  • Mystery Lover

    There is a stranger that calls by night
    A voice without a face
    And with every word he speaks
    My heart begins to race... more »

  • Never Were You There

    You call yourself my father
    Though I cant believe you dare
    Because to me your just a faceless name
    A broken dream an empty chair... more »

  • Oh, My Heart Goes On A' Beating

    Every moment away from thee my luve
    Is like a moment spent in vain
    And though I hold you in my heart
    My soul, ‘tis in awful pain... more »

  • Opiate

    Oh love, thou art beautiful
    With your eyes like precious stones
    They seem to sparkle just for me
    So pleasant in their earthy tones... more »

  • Over The Moon And Through The Stars

    Over the moon and through the stars
    Beyond the far off skies
    This is where your kiss does take me
    As I look into your eyes... more »

  • Piece Of Cake, Peice Of Pie. (A Very Cutesy Poem)

    A friend like you who's love it true
    And deeper than all things
    Is hard to find and you are mine
    My friend forever you!... more »