• No Hope For A Borderline

    I've spent the last 7 years trying to find a cure for whatever's wrong with me
    The sickness in my head and heart that nobody else can see

    The sickness that caused a craving for something i could never find... more »

  • No Way Out

    i can`t escape the screaming voices; all the thoughts inside my head.?
    I know they are only there to remind me of everything I've broken and of the stupid things I've said.
    ? But they also try so hard to convince me I have no point in fighting; I've already lost this war.
    They tell me that that nobody could ever love a fat, self centred whore... more »

  • Self Inflicted Pain

    t is hard to explain the thoughts that run through my mind or the feelings that run through my soul,
    It is hard to explain the emptiness I feel; it is hard to remember the last time I felt whole.
    Do you know how it feels to only care about gathering knowledge but having no motivation to pick up any books?
    To once do everything you could to be beautiful but then loose interest in your looks?... more »