• (un) Happy Easter

    Blue sky
    Sun shining
    A beautiful day
    I was there at the beach... more »

  • Being Single And Content

    I've been a willing victim for quite some time
    been used by people left and right
    letting them string me along for a long time
    trying to hold on, with all my might.... more »

  • Chance Or Choice?

    Life is about chance
    Life is about choice
    What if I’m your chance
    But you’re not my choice?... more »

  • Do You Believe In God?

    I'm down on my knees thanking You
    My palms and my eyes facing the sky
    You proved to me once again
    You were right here with me... more »

  • Have You Ever Been To Scotland?

    Have you ever been to Scotland?
    It's where English is spoken with the sweetest accent
    It's where people roll their 'r''s and call each other 'mate'
    It's where the whiskey is single-malt and it's to die for... more »

  • How Do You Like Me Now?

    Don't tell me what to do
    to gain acceptance from others
    Don't ask me to pretend
    to be someone else... more »

  • I Met My Fate

    Some time ago I met my fate
    I met my fate in two brown eyes
    Saw him and knew he was my mate
    so funny, cool, but yet so wise.... more »

  • I Wanna Cry

    I wanna cry for everything I've missed
    I wanna cry for my youth that's gone by
    I wanna cry 'cause today I realize that I've lost my soul
    I wanna cry for the endless violation of my personna... more »

  • Life's Illusions

    How worrisome it is, when you realize
    That your so-called reality has been an illusion,
    A dreamy interpretation of perception
    Based on an “untold agreement” between those... more »

  • Love Is A Cage

    When I'm in love
    I feel locked in a cage
    I place you above
    everything and I feel rage.... more »

  • Marriages Are Made In Heaven

    'Marriages are made in heaven'
    so say people in India
    a good marriage can your life lengthen
    it can be your ultimate good karma.... more »

  • Mother's Day

    I cried today
    on Mother's day
    I've been wanting to cry for a long time
    I've been wanting to cry for about a year now... more »

  • My Inner Stability

    When I'm in my head
    looking for stability
    I see a mess and dread
    there's no tranquility.... more »

  • One-Night Stands

    One-night stands:
    so painful the day after,
    so exciting before they happen,
    so much anticipation and hope... more »

  • Over You

    I'm over you dear
    You're history now
    your end was near
    it's finally here now.... more »

  • People In My Life

    Walking down the path of life,
    A path often hard, uphill and difficult
    I meet people who walk by my side
    Some of them choose to touch me... more »

  • Rejection And A Guy Named Aris

    Last week I met a guy named Aris
    He took my breath away
    Tall, sexy, good-looking, gorgeous
    Mysterious, sensitive, complicated... more »

  • Rejection And My Inner Paradise

    I finally saw him at a party last night
    It's been 3 months since he's out of my life
    So short, so petit, so old for my taste
    yet so heartlessly he had me erased.... more »

  • Sunday Blues

    I'm so confused
    For a minute I thought I saw the light
    I saw a good friendship develop
    A friendship I craved for a long time... more »

  • The Night He Said 'I Love You'

    The night he said 'I love you'
    I was just going through a hard usual day
    I had been to work,
    I had cooked twice,... more »

  • Words Of Love

    Tell me a lie
    a little white lie
    tell me that you love me
    even if it's a lie.... more »