Cecelia Weir Quotes

Don't get upset and quit; when you are pushed aside or overlooked. They see your greatness and realize they don't belong with you.
People get jealous when you know who you are while they are still searching for themselves.
People get mad and don't like you because you don't do what they do or like what they say; just because you're different. Wow! They will be mad all of their life. They don't know everybody is different!
When people are stupid; don't allow yourself to think about it. Don't become one to know one. Don't draw that spirit to you.
Why Do We Worry so much about what race we are; when God just wants us to be who we are.
Struggle may not be good for everyone but the longer you struggle the further you make it.
The man that masters his temper has mastered the direction of his soul.
Self Control
Life is not purposed to live trying to find someone to love But for someone to love you who has found a purpose to live.
Live a little, you'll get a little. Live a lot, you'll get a lot.
Your season is not over. Get up and receive it.