Cecelia Weir Quotes

People will keep you bound by their control; if you show how much you depend on them.
Be careful when you're in need not to befriend people who see or use you to set themselves upon a shelf. Do without until you can do for yourself. Work your way through. You're intelligent enough to do it.
Beware of your intelligence; it always reveal who you are.
The integrity of ones dignity should always be aware of the approach of ignorance.
Your life is a book; it has visions, it builds dreams. You should live it from cover to cover. Don't let the reader assume anything: You create the mental scene, you give the emotional intensity, you develop its reality, you create the Life of the Book.
Sin kills the flesh; Love heals the soul.
Don't turn around when offended; there are more people that respect you for the good you've done than those who disrespect you for their misunderstanding.
The spiritual existence of the soul proves the human exposure of nature; therefore creating a balance of responsible behavior.
It is the spirit of the wind that proclaims its understanding by the result of external order.
The parts of me that wishes to bring me down, are the same parts of me that encourages me to lift myself up.