Cecelia Weir Quotes

Be the first to want to see how much you can achieve.
You don't get back at the devil acting like one: Do good.
Look at yourself; Plan for yourself.
When you speak to others; your words should be what you want to hear.
Protect the anointing on your life. Stop abusing yourself by being insensitive to the goodness of God, within.
Some People Will Label You Because They Know You Are a Friend They Will Never Deserve to Have.
Some Learning Experiences which Comes Through the Flesh; Should Only Be Left in the Mind
Common Sense
If you've got room to be jealous Then you've got time to be busy.
Open to Controversy: Cause for Closure
People were happy thinking you were flopping And were disappointed when they found out you were flipping.
Glad to see you fail; sad to see you make it.
Don't be a roadblock Some people already a wreck.
Don't get hurt trying to satisfy others.