• Affair Of The Heart

    A mere conception of enriched tender feelings of the heart,
    Fixation of emotions that may quiet or tear you apart,
    Formulas have been tried and found both true and false.
    Another translucent affirmation of halting the beating pulse,... more »

  • An Ocean Oasis

    A vista touched by the hand of nature unsurpassed on Earth.
    Now my imagination with my words take you to see it‘s worth.

    Out into the horizon your eyes will see glorious Waves peaks.... more »

  • Aspiring Time

    I am very tired,
    Blessings of my time guarded,
    Completely cherished,
    Carefully within my heart,... more »

  • Autumn Reveal

    Gaze, upon the gray night reveal of autumn, with twinkling stars.
    Twilight of distant light seems quiet, un-forcibly showing beauty.
    This time of year, is like natures medicine, for repairing scars.
    Preparing for the future seasons, which must relinquish their duty,... more »

  • Blind Faith

    Within this eclipse of darkness, we overcome.
    Our minds clouded in in a circumference of ideas.
    Below us is the fiery temptation we all scantily avoid.
    Our seas of life seem to be in a fury that we dispose.... more »

  • Blue Eyes

    Blues eyes glistening until the end of time.
    Never to see these pair would be a crime.
    Some say the eyes are the window of our soul.
    They speak beyond, though some circle and roll.... more »

  • Brothel Chat

    Brothel of silence oppresses swarming blather.
    Rolling clouds shadow our words that gather.
    Only speaking true words will gain respect.
    Tantalizing the soul, enriching any affect.... more »

  • Calming Storm

    To the top of the hill, I climbed so fast.
    To see if my eyes, could reveal the past,
    Before the rage, the silence overridden,
    Out of the gilded cage, I am forbidden.... more »

  • Civilization

    Can it survive without hope, honor, and compassion?
    Intensifying anger, prejudice, and fright, in any fashion,
    Validates the corruption, destruction of the human race,
    Insecurities fear, and dishonor is what we must face.... more »

  • Clouded Sky

    I am here, I see the shadows below which billow.
    Merrily and beautifully, they float as I watch now.
    Seeking solace, the vapors glide gracefully along.
    Without care or seeming duty, onward they go.... more »

  • Cupids Arrow

    Cupid is the God of love so was told.
    Unbridled love of his valentine so bold,
    Psyche a mortal his love so truly divine.
    Irritated His mother, her beauty so fine,... more »

  • Gates Of The Night

    Crystal moon, hidden by the shadows, of misty air,
    Cloudy skies float endlessly, all around there.
    Blinking the suns reflection, upon the night’s mirror,
    Some think, this is a description, of a night’s terror.... more »

  • Ghetto Girl

    Get me, from the ghetto, I say.
    Here I wish, like in Alice’s day.
    Emergent, is my complete plea.
    Take me away, please set me free.... more »

  • Good Morning Lord

    Good morning Lord, how are you today.
    I sincerely hope; all is well, in everyway.
    I myself am concerned and seem to be lost.
    Not from you my father, your son the cost,... more »

  • Happiness Cove

    Hear the soft sounds around in your mind.
    All the silence, which screams abundant,
    Pressure reduces, as your spirit will unwind.
    Peer into your memories that are evident.... more »

  • Hearts Laughter

    Hearing my soul and heart would not be funny at all.
    Even though each day I work, play and laugh they say.
    All of my heartaches have come within a simple call.
    Reality preys upon us all in everyway each single day.... more »

  • Hidden Faces

    Hidden faces evolving, waiting for grand exposure,
    Eyes, Eyes everywhere, endlessly looking, for what,
    Some sexy, some sad, happy, even some very bad,
    Varieties of their color show such depth within.... more »

  • His Prayer

    Our Lord, up in Heaven, we pray to thee.
    For all blessings, that we all, feel and see,
    Just thanking you seems never really, just.
    For all the beauty, the life given from dust,... more »

  • Hold The Day

    Twa's the night before New Year's Eve,
    There was drinking of wine so free.
    Everyone was happy except for me.
    Could this be my soul's reprieve?... more »

  • I Pray

    I pray, to thee, this very day.
    You see my heart, everyway.
    My faith is your solid glory.
    My heart is your loving story.... more »

  • Lifes Love 2

    My love, you are my sweet temptation for sure.
    Lips that caress sweetly and fulfill passion,
    A touch, which guides my heart through infinity,
    One kiss secures love.... more »

  • Little Star

    Little star up in the sky,
    Looking down, up so high,
    Will I find you each night?
    Among the others so bright,... more »

  • Living Debt

    Black gold will make you seek your purse.
    Its sister will make you feel much worse.
    What a station, half price sale.
    Was this a vision or tale?... more »

  • Look At Me

    Look beyond the far side of me,
    look beyond what you see.
    Look from depth of your heart,
    Look over each part.... more »

  • Lord Have Mercy (Acrostic)

    Let these words inspire, wisdom and hope, for humankind.
    Only the truth shall render peace and harmony, above all.
    Remember the Saints, on All Hallows Day, in your mind.
    Discard hate; Love everyone, before the Heavens fall.... more »