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And it comes up snake eyes. C Vallejo. Poeta
César Vallejo is a great Poet, for sure, even if Thomas Merton called him ''he greatest universal poet since Dante'' (!) : an opinion I simply reckon as a negative mark of superficiality in T. Merton's curriculum..
The most unique and inspired poets I have ever read. Truly amazing!
the few poems rendered in english are fantastic i fervently hope someone has the time and skill to examine a few more from what i've seen - he's insightful
Black Stone on Top of a White Stone i think it is about reconciliation as it says with an example of two stones, hence i have no right to kill another person without an i am. Your correspondence will be highly appreciated. Have a nice day! Yours sincerely. Mr. Koena France Mokoena Country: South Africa Website: www.poemhunter.com/kfmproductions