Chaitanya Deshpande Biography

“Yet all experience is an arch where through
Gleams that untraveled world whose margin fades
For ever and for ever when I move”

Tennyson’s ‘Ulysses’ speaks in these words after achieving triumph over the ninth cloud. I am minuscule if watched by this grand moral fiber. Despite the fact, I want to attain a least fraction of Ulysses’ ‘Arch of Experience’ in my life for what I would like to term myself as an ‘observer.’

I like to see, to hear, to read and to experience to a greater extent. I like to interact with people. I like to know about the nature of different human beings. For this, I endlessly examine my surrounding. This observation results in sensitive creativity. So, I am creative writer, a poet, a painter, a singer and also a stage performer.

I think Creativity and Art is the reason to life since the establishment of human civilization. If our ancestors never scrubbed paintings on the walls of caves, we never understand about their existence. The beauty of an Art speaks about entire Era. The Art is immortal and not the worldly achievements. So I respect the Arts and the Artists.

Basically, being one, who loved to be in the company of variety; I consider myself fortunate as almighty created my dwelling in the land of diversity, India. Though, I would like to call myself as a citizen of the world, I must inform the fact that my Motherland is precious than paradise to me.

Personally, I am straight forward, realistic and simply frank while expressing my opinion. Though, I don’t like over sentimental and romantic approach, I favor to respect other’s feelings. I am witty, humorous, frivolous, music crazy, and love to be involved in a debate. I like to argue with one having different opinion. I try my level best to keep myself in touch with all the aspects of lifestyle. Yet, I possess special interests in literature, cultural activities, religious legends, film and album music, cricket (As I am a true Indian) , Indian Classical and semi-classical music, and debates.

So, this is how I am! Thanks a lot for reading.