• A Call Into Morning

    There are people sleeping, and
    I arise.
    Blessed by the sun streaming in.
    Its daylight,... more »

  • A Friend Goes Into Hiding

    From whence this pain came,
    This I know not.
    In the joyful moment,
    My sadness finds me, where my friend was, and is no more.... more »

  • A Soul-Mate Dance

    Daylight Blooms.
    The prism of light shifts and changes within me,
    Glistening and reflecting the beauty.
    The colours shimmer a piece of my soul.... more »

  • Beneath The Pain

    The quiet Buddha,
    Finds a silent space,
    The mystery was the harshness of a sudden storm that has died.... more »

  • Beyond The Salty Tears, I Smile

    Through the lavender scent,
    The biscuit crumbs,
    Roses, bloom at noon.... more »

  • Breath Of Life

    Let still, the silent air be,
    Let be, the music of my melody,
    Let be, the magnificence of my being.... more »

  • Childs Play

    Playful happiness found me,
    Where in the song,
    I sang a tune.
    That carried beyond the fear,... more »

  • Dancing Dream

    My hand your comfort.
    My love your dream.
    My beauty our blessing.
    Your touch, my heart.... more »

  • Dancing Girl

    Rising beyond hope.
    I am afloat once again,
    Dreaming of the life that is within reach.... more »

  • Day Gone By

    The clouds floating,
    Like a lazy summer day.
    The silver reflections,
    Glitter and light my eyes.... more »

  • Delightful Light

    Steadfast in her attitude.
    Resolute in action.
    Breath taking beauty,
    Delightful in surprise.... more »

  • Delightful Moments

    I journey on with you,
    I am floating with the peace of truth.
    I see and speak.
    We move on.... more »

  • Divinity

    I hear the sound of angels laughing,
    Their music catching the floating air.
    The soothing melody of delightful merriment,
    Touching my beating heart.... more »

  • Dream In This Mist

    Beyond the portal of pain,
    I find a glimmer of light.
    Where there is a green beauty,
    This is a dreamy sparkle.... more »

  • Find A Friend, In Peace

    Untamed, free
    We embrace discipline with open arms.
    We embrace our brothers,
    We are not alone.... more »

  • Floating Candles

    We float here,
    Upon a frosty bowl,... more »

  • Floating With You

    The light upon your hair,
    The golden sun-kissed form,
    The taste of summer sun.... more »

  • Follow The Sun

    The joy of the day,
    Still sweet upon my lips.
    The fragrance of collected beauty,
    Like the sweet nectar of summer.... more »

  • Forget Me Not

    I sit here,
    My thirst desires to be quenched.... more »

  • Friends

    A lonesome dove I am,
    I find a joy in peace,
    This is Beauty's gift to me.... more »

  • Gaudi Creates

    I am more that the sponge in a cake,
    I a more than the icing that decorates,
    Marriage can be bliss.
    My heart clear and pure.... more »

  • Inviting Tennis

    My healing has begun.
    A glimmer of sunlight,
    This an opportunity, my friend.
    A game in play, on this grey and windy day.... more »

  • Laughing Together

    Your laughter says it best.
    The furrowed brow no more,
    The air fills.... more »

  • Laughter

    Eyelashes flutter,
    As I think of the joy,
    Of the moment of laughter cultivated in this storm.... more »

  • Letting Myself Be

    The vastness of me is beyond anything I know.
    Where when set upon,
    I find a lot of place still to be.
    Where the nectar is my simplicity of being.... more »