• At The End

    The ghosts of disbelief
    are moving in all directions
    striking the walls at random
    in the dark cloudy night.... more »

  • Closed Track


    Gushing from the vent of imaginary zero the embryonic cell from its gremlin nucleus is heaving a sensitive bird, whose beak is sketching a two dimensional picture of the space upon a swift cursory examination and telling us the story of its flight. Its trajectory is a misty capsule of silent words.... more »

  • Divine Message

    apprehended, questioned
    i move on cautiously,

    the path is probably the narrowest... more »

  • Drawing

    the sun is sinking
    toward the horizon.
    the variety of colors
    has painted the old sky.... more »

  • Duality

    A short spell of rain
    with a silvery hope,
    a wavy peep
    through the closed door,... more »

  • Exchange

    pain of separation,
    an exchange of Love
    but, exchange of ‘Some Values'?
    is it in the hand of destiny... more »

  • From Dark To Light

    even standing
    in the wraith-like
    silence of debris,
    I think positive... more »

  • Glide Of Time

    Leaving me alone
    when you fled in that night
    without dropping your beret,
    i read the untold stories... more »

  • Going Beyond The Life

    You've gifted me
    a flinty world
    of ‘bland' emptiness,... more »

  • Gravity Vs. Belief

    ... more »

  • Hawking Radiation, Poetry And Politics

    development, direction and democracy
    how are they chemically tied up?
    in the consideration of a free bird... more »

  • I

    Like a mirage a crazy I sometimes come to the surface from the deepest depth of the ocean, program our environment according to its own choice and start driving the car with an eerie speed & twist; the crest and trough change unpredictably and therefore mesmerize the traffic police!

    Then it becomes not easy for us to know which pen is used to write the poem actually! If you explore, you can't defy its effect. For you it's the testing time.... more »

  • In Search Of A Bridge

    With a special wish
    i came down from the Hill
    to connect two poles
    some day... more »

  • Kaleidoscope

    Dry flowers
    are lying inactive
    on the garden floor... more »

  • Locus

    The programmed top
    is gyrating fast
    drawing a tortuous path
    on the surface of the earth.... more »

  • My Friend And I


    You're like sweet soft breeze of evening summer
    always making a kiss on me, but in no way can i... more »

  • Pendulum

    life comes and goes
    like a pendulum,
    evokes endless curiosity
    no one knows... more »

  • Silent Viewers

    The night was on the horizon.

    My friend and I were walking silent
    on a complex field... more »

  • Solitary Journey

    The meandering path,
    an endless solitary journey
    with countless dreamy hopes.... more »

  • The Sword Of Thunder

    when your heart
    is broken into pieces;
    not even the slightest... more »

  • The Task To Be Done

    now, after a gap of some years,
    with your shabby, dried face
    one heavenly task is left-... more »

  • The Voyage

    in the beach
    when i sit alone,
    the bluish infinity of the ocean
    always becomes... more »

  • You And Your Time

    ... more »