• Alvida

    Good Byes
    When we leave our homes
    When we talk on the phone
    When we go on a trip... more »

  • Always There

    When I was unable to walk
    When I could'nt talk
    When I am sad
    When I am glad... more »

  • Ashley

    Tiny and sweet
    Doe eyes and small feet
    Long straight black hair
    Aways likes the best to wear... more »

  • Godsent

    Chosen while yet in his mother's womb
    no one knew who he would become
    A combination of black and white
    with roots from Africa and the U.S... more »

  • My Best Friend

    He is ever so near
    all my burdens He bear
    He gives courage and dries my tears... more »

  • Tabanca

    Love traps you when you least expect
    takes control of your thoughts and emotions
    gives you little time to reflect
    drags you as a wave in its ocean... more »

  • The Tree

    Her roots are buried deep in Him
    Outstretched branches giving thanks to its creator
    His blood flows within her every stem
    She sways as the Holy Spirit passes through... more »

  • Who Cares

    There are those who care for you
    There are those who care about you
    There are those who care because of what they can get from you
    There are those who say they care... more »