I hail from a tiny village near Bangalore, India. a graduate of law and a post graduate of commerce and management, currently practicing law as an independent counsel at the Hon'ble Courts of Bengaluru and served in electronic media, IT and NBFC industries for over 2 decades and having an immense passion for life, nature and learning, deeply interested in theatre, music and literature. I write in Kannada and in English and have published my first collection of poems in Kannada titled as “Mussanjeya Mukhaamukhi” and in English 'Paradise of Fantasies'.


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An Encounter

The empty and lonely sky
yet, so serene and still
and at scorching noon
Why am I eager?... more »

Just One Leg

If we were to have
Just One Leg:

How could we -... more »

Paradise Of Fantasies, The

At times,
You excite me so much
And many a time
Deeply hurt me too... more »

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