changming yuan Biography

Born to an impoverished family, Changming Yuan grew up in a remote Chinese village, received education at Shanghai Jiaotong University and further at Tianjin Teachers University, and worked as an English lecturer and college administrator before moving to Canada as an international student. while pursuing his graduate studies in English at University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, he worked part time as the founding editor of The Saskatchewan Chinese Times for two years. Since he obtained his PhD, he has been teaching independently in Vancouver.
During a family tour to Banff in early August of 2004, Yuan began to write poetry in English. Since mid-2005, Yuan has published more than 400 poems by nearly 370 literary journals /anthologies in 16 countries, which include Barrow Street, Best Canadian Poetry, BestNewPoemsOnline, London Magazine, Salzburg Review and Taj Mahal Review. Also, he has been nominated three times for a Pushcart prize.
More importantly, Yuan has published two great sons, George Lai Yuan and Allen Qing Yuan: the former is now working as an computer engineer at NVIDIA in California, while the later is still a 10th grader who has a disc problem and has published some poetry as well.