• Beyond The Blue

    there is no borderline
    between sea and sky

    waves are pushing their colors... more »

  • Human Culture

    when i wake up
    and open my eyes
    i see all my dreams
    bounced back from the frames... more »

  • Immigration

    To escape from the tyrannical logic
    Of your mother tongue
    You wandered, wandering
    Through earth’s length and breadth... more »

  • Monolines/Buoys: 40 Maxims/Paradoxes/Redefinitions

    Forty years of age means no more bewilderment. - Confucius

    1. There is light in every dream we have in darkness.
    2. Pleasant or painful, all experiences are as good as cash saved for a long rainy day.... more »

  • My Crow

    As a popular Chinese saying goes
    Crows everywhere are equally black
    But this one in the backyard of my heart
    Is as white as a summer cloud... more »

  • South China Cicada

    no human ear has ever heard of you
    cloistering yourself deep in the soil
    silently sucking all sounds from roots
    for more than thirteen years in a row... more »

  • Stream Moonset In Autumn

    Close your eyes
    Stay still
    And you can feel
    The moon’s silver needles... more »

  • Tree And Flower

    tender and charming
    peach blossoms fallen
    into a transparent dream
    on the unmowed lawn... more »

  • Yellow Comedy

    Using my yellow tail
    I yellow-swam
    From the Yellow River
    As a yeast of the yellow peril... more »