• A Face, A Place, A Photograph

    Photographs a glimmer
    Faces shinning all a shimmer.
    Perfect are those faces
    Remembering all the good places.... more »

  • A Fantasy...

    Roaming through the meadow
    With the sun shinning bright.
    It's like looking through a window
    Into a fantasy that portrays light.... more »

  • A Fatal Love

    A tear silently falls
    Glistening with Fear.
    As night approaches.
    Within the Mirror.... more »

  • A Savior

    The sun sets and darkness envelopes the world
    In the wrath of its deadly sin.
    Only the stars shine bright in the vast universe
    But yet this blackness sucks me into a world... more »

  • Always There-Haiku

    Fluffy and caring... more »

  • Anger An Insight (Note)

    When does the anger stop? Where does the happiness live in this broken world? As people live through their lives, we all experience the uncontrollable outbursts of harsh words and sharp meanings. But even though, these words and actions may affect us wecontinue on, walking down the path that leads us farther away from any foundation built upon the knowledge that we had obtainedsuch a long time ago.

    There are those days that we all feel happy. We want to laugh andshare our feelings with others but is this real happiness, or is itj ust a facade of short lived joy that we use to get through what we are really feeling (slightly like adrenaline...helps us get through life threatening situations) ? How can we really be happy when the world around us is so dark? Do we just report whats going on, and then hide from it all under false blankets of security in a high drempt up world of fantasy that allows us to escape the reality of where we are and what we are apart of? Or, do we, instead, choose to ignore it all and just forget about what does not directly concern us? The choice is yours, do what you like but honestly... no matter howlong we escape what we don't want to see, no matter how long we train our brains to only see what we want, and no matter how long it takes of just hiding and forgetting, it all comes back because until it is all solved...it will only continue to get worse. So in a sense, why don't we all just stop being cowards?... more »

  • Anticipation

    This Anticipation

    I wait for this day
    I am excited but sad.... more »

  • Appearance-Haiku

    A mirror reflects... more »

  • Battle

    The horse's hooves sounded in the distance.
    Like rolling thunder was their presence.... more »

  • Be You-Haiku

    Mother of nature... more »

  • Betrayel

    Walking down that hall
    Finding out that life is not a ball.... more »

  • Clouds Of Fear

    Marching along East Street
    We felt confident and proud.
    In rows we walked all tidy and neat
    Soon to be scattered among green clouds.... more »

  • Confessions Of Reflections

    I am sitting in front of my mirror starring at my reflection thinking of how
    empty it is to feel, the loss of someone as wonderful as you, is now real.

    You were here but now you are gone.... more »

  • Confidence-Haiku

    The crowd roars with life... more »

  • Corrupted Blood

    High above it was ashen gray.
    The flames licked the sky.
    That fire caused a fray.
    And now people shall die.... more »

  • Damned Soul Of Limbo

    I am a dreamer
    From a distant land.
    A visionary
    who diminishes the damned.... more »

  • Day By Day

    I blink back these tears everyday.
    I hurt when I hear you say.
    That I never cared, that my friendship wasn't true or fair!... more »

  • Dear Mom: I Am Sorry (Poem)

    Dear Mom:

    Not that this makes a difference but, I'm sorry.
    I truly am.... more »

  • Do You Remember?

    My life was on rough seas but then you came to me and showed me what I need.
    That person who showed me became my bestfriend. That person was what I had.
    I can not live without them, I don't need anything else but just for that Bestfriend to remember that I care, and need them the most.... more »

  • Dreaming-Haiku

    Blue sky
    filled with clouds
    dreams appear.... more »

  • Dusty Memories

    I pick up our old photo album of what used to be.
    I turn the dusty pages full of memories.
    Each day was a struggle for me.
    Complaints of friends mixed with feelings, I didn't know who was me.... more »

  • Fallen City

    The dawn of fall has arrived within a golden essence.
    The city has crumbled beneath the twilight sky.
    The water reflects the odd beauty perserving its lingering prescence.
    Across the lake a lone pine stands on a hill, swaying in the whispering voices of the gripping chill. Wind.... more »

  • Flowers Of Life-Haiku

    Sunlit flowers... more »

  • For Kristin

    The rainbow will appear
    After this storm that you endure
    Once the rain ends there you will dance again.
    The grey blur of this storm will cease... more »

  • Free Verse Personification Poem- Sorrow Of Me

    When sunsets for night sorrow drifts in, whispering through the trees.
    Her gown flutters through the air as she glides over me.
    Setting quietness throughout the land,
    In a dangerious whisper that gave me shivers.... more »