• Pictures-Haiku

    Mural on the wall... more »

  • Goodbye

    The rain is pouring down.
    Your window is mangled.
    I see your open mound.
    Your life is now tangled.... more »

  • Hope-Haiku

    Hope for you is right... more »

  • Horizon...Free Verse

    The sun rises from within it
    The sun sets behind it.
    But what is it really?
    A fine line of the eye's imagination?... more »

  • 'If I Were Here Without You'

    Here Without You

    Is a phase that will always put me into a daze.
    Just thinking about it, oh how I would be in a haze.... more »

  • I'M White...

    White, Asian, Black, Caucasian were all minorities
    Everyone seems to have their own priorities.
    Religion and intolerance is a big factor.
    Our society doesn't know what they're after.... more »

  • In The Speed Of Light

    In the speed of light it can all fade away
    Fade into a faint memory.
    The memory of what you used to be
    And the memory of the friends you used to see.... more »

  • Journey-Haiku

    My journey... more »

  • Just A Bottle

    A bottle on the table.
    Alcohol inside.
    Lonely and waiting it seems to be
    and in it you confide.... more »

  • Masks Portray

    We see it everyday it grins and lies.
    It hides our fears and shadows our eyes.

    It holds you transfixed but says nothing,... more »

  • Memory Lane

    Hey dad look at me, think back and talk to me did I grow up according to plan or did I falter all the way down?
    I try so hard to do as you say, I try to be your good little girl but I'm not meant to be. That good little girl is my sis, you love her so, she doesn't seem to miss. You used to be my hero, the one and only but all I am to you it seems is a relationship between father and daughter gone amiss.

    Evertime were in a room together its so tense. I can't seem to make you proud from what I see. I've grown up and through the years I've changed. I was always told to try harder and as I did nothing happened. Nothings going to change the things you've said. Nothings going to make this work again! You always say you don't want to talk about our relationship, because you've done it too many times before. So therefore we don't talk at all. I guess not talking is better then fighting because fighting involves physical abuse but silence brings mental challenges too! So what now?... more »

  • Metaphor Poem- Bear

    Fall is graceful and mysterious.
    It sneaks up on you like a crisp chill.... more »

  • Mirror-Haiku

    A mirror stands... more »

  • Moon- Haiku

    The moon fades... more »

  • My Angel

    The air was warm and soft.
    The wind billowed through the trees.
    The leaves were lifted aloft.
    As the water mirrored the breeze.... more »

  • Nature-Haiku

    A bird calls... more »

  • Northern Lights-Haiku

    Rainbow lights
    warm fires
    christmas time.... more »

  • Orchurd-Haiku

    AN orchurd within
    a small world
    dreams of paradise.... more »

  • Original-Haiku

    A bird sings a song... more »

  • Our Heroes

    In a ghostly old-weathered town
    decaying bodies can be found.
    Their tombstones lay silently neat
    telling stories of when they were beat.... more »

  • Peace-Haiku

    Grass whispers in breeze... more »

  • Perspective

    Through a child's eyes, falling leaves are a delight,
    colours of joy, not one bit of spite.
    A walk in the park is in a child's heart,
    but to some its a walk in the dark.... more »

  • Pond's Reflection-Haiku

    Clear reflection
    Ripples blur the surface
    Past fades, silent goodbye... more »

  • Rays-Haiku

    Rays live on... more »

  • Shadows-Haiku

    Dark clouds linger... more »