i am an nursing student i have love for poems, books, art, and history
i am an Australian Aboriginal cross Italian most people call me Woggariginal
i fell in love with books at an young age.
i also fell in love with poems last year when i was doing a project on Charlotte Bronte and Lord Alfred Tennyson.. All and All i really love Art and literature.. xxx


Chantelle Fazzalori Poems

Autumn And Life New Beginnings

Feeling the cool breeze blowing through my hair it guides me to show me my past and future

leaves fall from above leaf by leaf
brown... more »

My Special Place

The glistening sun
shining up high in
the bright blue sky... more »

Indian Pacific

Watching the train pass by its passangers smile bright knowing how far the train will travel through australian lands

dry grass swoosh in the trains mist
dust fly high in the sky... more »

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