• Breathe

    completely lost in this sea of thought,
    going deeper and deeper,
    closely approaching a death by drowning
    my body reforming... more »

  • Christmas Greetings To My Love

    Until I met you
    I never knew what joy and gladness meant
    I never thought my heart could be
    So full of deep content!... more »

  • Clouds

    The rainy season has just begun
    The days of cloudless skies are done
    The battle between the stars and the sun
    Has finally been won... more »

  • I Need You

    Flowing from inside out
    outside in
    around, about, within
    SIN... more »

  • Lost Love

    I feel you lying next to me,
    Holding me, touching me, loving me,
    Your breath lightly jumps over my shoulder,
    Then down my back, with each breath, it moves bolder.... more »

  • Love Unrequited

    As I close my eyes I think of you,
    you; your face, your eyes, you,
    you with me,
    I with you... more »

  • My Smile

    The kind of thing that makes me smile,
    Mostly just for a while,
    A happy thought,
    A happy feeling,... more »

  • My Sunset

    As the sunsets
    I realize how quickly time passes by
    I think of all the things I could have done
    and all the things I wish I had done... more »

  • Night

    It rehabilitates,
    It quites the ache,
    It covers my insecurity,
    It shows conformity.... more »

  • Poetry

    A voice that I never thought I had
    I hear it
    A person that I never thought I was
    I see it... more »

  • Random Thoughts

    As I search to understand my emotions,
    And try heading in the right direction.
    Something happens deep inside me,
    Something that no one but me could see.... more »

  • Something About Us

    Up all night talking
    Is it love...is it a crush......or is it pitty
    Pitty for someone so young.....so unknown.......unshown
    To be broken....crushed... more »

  • The Earth's Cry

    The wind blows so softly accross the sky,
    The birds sing oh so sweetly, as they fly by,
    Beautiful whistles, loud rustles,
    Trees shake, leaves fall, a voice calls.... more »

  • Unknown

    Words with meaning, words without
    words of certainty, words of doubt
    surrounded by these
    whispers won't cease... more »

  • Untitled

    A complex reality
    A deep spirituality
    A begining of an end
    A twisted road unbend... more »

  • Untitled 2

    Hidden secrets may never be found
    Last words may never be song
    Many things we meant to say
    Many days we meant to stay... more »