• *acceptance

    All my life I've wanted to fit in.
    I wanted to be in the middle of the crowd feeling wanted.
    I felt like this was who I was supposed to be.
    But no.... more »

  • *imperfect*

    I'm a girl that everyone expects to be perfect
    I'm the girl that gets yelled out and called names if did something 'imperfect'
    I'm the girl who is suppose to help out everyone before I help myself
    I'm the girl who is expected to be nice all the times, and not state anything that could hurt another's feelings, regardless if it's the truth... more »

  • ....

    I know this is all my fault
    I was the one to let go of you
    after you told me to never do that...
    I was your world and for the longest time,... more »

  • 20 Things I Love About Him

    I love the way he laughs
    I love the way he’s kind
    I love the way he smiles
    I love the way he cares... more »

  • 3am Thought ~

    It takes
    a lot of
    to be... more »

  • All For Nothing

    I guess the memories we shared meant nothing to you
    The smiles and the gifts... all bullshit.
    You're pulling away from me,
    I can tell.... more »

  • Alone

    Have you ever felt so alone
    that you could just die
    and it would not bother anyone?
    Have you ever felt so alone... more »

  • Ambivalence

    Often times I wonder,
    what is wrong with me?
    I seem to have a weird way of appreciating the things and people I should be grateful for.
    I don't take advantages that are right in front of me.... more »

  • Angels From Heaven Above

    Angels from heaven above
    Will you come and rescue me from all my miseries?
    My nightmares?
    My deepest fears?... more »

  • Assure Me

    Assure me that you're one of the good guys
    that using me is far from your mind
    Assure me that our time together
    is not shared with these other girls... more »

  • At The End Of The Day

    The art of making a girl feel special,
    you got it, no doubts.
    The art of using her and breaking her heart,
    you master it too, no lies.... more »

  • Baby, Let's

    Baby, let's make this our moment
    let's make it all happen within this second
    We got all the things that we need
    to make this moment complete... more »

  • Bad Dog Dig

    Bad dog dig
    Dig dog dig
    Bad dig bad
    Bad dog dig... more »

  • Be Mine

    Pain in my chest,
    tears flowing from my eyes
    I had enough with this loneliness..... more »

  • Be Proud Of Yourself, Always

    Be Proud of yourself, always
    Do not let anything or anyone put you down
    Terrible things are always going to happen
    but you just have to remember:... more »

  • Beloved Night

    Night, how beautiful you are
    and caring to caress me like you do
    when I’m broken and lost the most
    you have been such an amazing friend... more »

  • Breathless

    Your face,
    your touch,
    your warmth,
    your voice... more »

  • Can You

    Can you be the one that I need,
    the one that would keep me happy?
    Can you be the one that I can call my baby,
    and I promise, I will never make you ashamed to call me your lady.... more »

  • Can You Tell?

    Can you tell
    the way that you're gleaming?
    I can see it from a thousand miles away
    Under the moonlight, you're like that one star... more »

  • Can'T Let It Go.. ≪/3

    How will I ever let go of our past?
    The happy, crazy, fun past?
    The ones with all the smiles and the 'lols'
    With the funny &sweet nicknames... more »

  • Can'T Lie

    The only time I loved you, truly,
    was the first time we met.
    You caught my heart there
    and my life spun before my eyes.... more »

  • Caught

    Got me sitting here
    staring at the phone
    waiting for that phone call
    or the text that will make my day... more »

  • Changes

    It's funny how things can change when you least expect it
    Promises made are suddenly of no value
    Slowly, you see yourself loosing the things and people that mattered the most to you
    And all you can do is accept what wasn't meant to be... more »

  • Chaos

    -BOOM! ! - over there
    -CRASH! ! - over here
    “you shut up! ” and “no you shut the hell up! ” up there
    Yelling out there, and shouting in here... more »

  • Crashing

    How easy it is to kill myself
    and in many different ways too.
    I am sitting here trembling, my body giving up
    my world crashing down... more »