• Cry My Heart Out

    I want to cry my heart out
    to get rid of the memories,
    the hurt and the pain..
    I want to get rid of my miserable past... more »

  • Crying

    Crying morning, afternoon, nights
    Crying inside out
    Crying until my tears runs out
    Crying for freedom signs... more »

  • Deep

    Can't you see the lie behind my smile?
    The cry behind my laugh?
    The hurt behind each word?
    Can't you tell I'm unhappy?... more »

  • Do You Remember

    Do you remember the summer...
    Our summer...?
    The afternoon walks and talks,
    how you would open up to me and share your thoughts about everything?... more »

  • Don'T Come To Me

    When you're in need,
    don't come to me.
    When you're failing,
    don't come to me.... more »

  • Don'T Fall For Me

    I don't believe in eternal love
    I don't believe in temporary love
    I don't believe that love is that great amongst us.
    I believe it is just an excuse..... more »

  • Don'T Know *_*

    I don't know who I am anymore..
    I've changed sooo much
    And I'm still figuring how it all happened.
    I've become very bad... more »

  • Don'T Understand

    I'm me
    I'm independent.
    My feeling are indescribable
    no one else can comprehend them.... more »

  • Drop Dead

    Everyday I have to go through some kind of pain or depression
    I never got a chance to enjoy my life
    I’ve never got the chance to do what I want when I want to
    It’s always this I have to do... more »

  • Drowning

    Here I am
    standing at the cliff of life
    ready to be free.
    I dry up my tears... more »

  • Everyone Has Someone To Love

    You might think you have no one to love
    You might feel that your alone in an unknown world
    like your invisible
    You might see that people around you... more »

  • Facing Me

    The dreaded inevitable process has come yet again
    but this time it is not here to come up with a plan
    to block out my depression,
    or to create another mask to impress the world... more »

  • Falling

    I cant take this anymore.
    I thought I could hold on,
    forget about the pass and move on.
    Closing every open doors of invitation... more »

  • Finally

    Finally I can say,
    that we're over
    the feelings we held,
    the memories we shared..... more »

  • Fly Birdy

    Fly birdy, Just fly.
    Freely spread your wings
    and go to LaLaLand.
    You're not wanted here,... more »

  • Fml

    my chest is pounding at a thousand beats per second
    broken pieces of my heart are piercing through my skin
    I never found breathing so painful
    every moment of living is almost like hell... more »

  • Fool Me

    I come to school cheery and happy
    with a burst of energy
    No one could guess how much I
    am hurting on the inside... more »

  • Freedom...How Does It Feels Like?

    How does it feel like to be free?
    How does it feel like to have all the liberty you want?
    How does it feel like to even think about having all the freedom you want?
    Because from my point of view... more »

  • From The Diary Of The Loyal Friend

    So I've been told that I am a great, awesome,
    smart, weird, helpful & trustworthy friend.
    I've been given a lot of great compliments,
    & I doubt none.... more »

  • Greed

    Ever want something so bad
    that you go above and beyond
    to pursue it by
    nourishing it with all your hopes... more »

  • Happiness Kills

    They said hearts can be mended after
    they go through torture,
    They said to be who you are and... more »

  • Have It Your Way

    With the black skinny jeans and the diamond earing,
    I see the way you want me.
    You constantly want to touch me... more »

  • Heart Vs. Soul

    There's a war going on between my heart and my soul.
    The heart wants to be mended
    and to accept happiness
    and the love that is calling out for me.... more »

  • Hearts Play

    Dreams of you and I got me thinking..
    maybe you are the one for me.
    I keep telling myself you're the one I deserve
    the one that I should always want..... more »

  • Here We Stand Again

    You’re a drug,
    I swear,
    or maybe it is just fate,
    but I just cannot seem to stop coming back to you.... more »