• How To Love

    How do you love someone
    if you can't even love yourself?
    How is that everytime I look in the mirror
    my reflection is breaking my view... more »

  • I Break My Heart

    I learned something about myself lately;
    I am a heart breaker.
    I hurt the people who are close to me far too much.
    I don't deserve them.... more »

  • I Can'T Believe We Were Ever Possible.

    I'm having second thoughts...
    about you and me and the past.
    From the day we met until this day.
    It's quite impossible to believe that we were in love... more »

  • I Cried For You.

    Lying weakly and lazily
    on my pillow
    I found myself
    ready to kill carelessly... more »

  • I Deserve Better

    I am breaking apart.
    I can no longer hold on to strings.
    I've done my time, now it's time to go back.
    The ones that use to look to me for Happiness,... more »

  • I Don’t Know

    I don’t know
    What do I do?
    I’m totally clueless,
    I don’t know anything... more »

  • I Love You

    I love you,
    just like I love you too.
    And you,
    yes, you too.... more »

  • I Miss You

    They say distance makes the heart grow fonder
    but distance only makes my heart grow sour
    I hate the feeling of missing you
    it's like wishing for oxygen... more »

  • I Will

    I will sit here
    all day and
    all night
    hearing your sexy voice... more »

  • I’m Sorry Mommy

    I’m sorry for the yelling
    I’m sorry for the misunderstanding
    I’m sorry for the sadness I brought you
    I’m sorry for breaking your heart... more »

  • I'D Like To Forgive You

    I'd like to forgive you father,
    but I don't know your heart.
    I just wonder,
    Do you even have a heart?... more »

  • Idk Y

    I woke up, and the first thing that pops in my head is your name
    I go to school, the only thing I think about is you,
    I sit on the school bus talking to my friends,
    And guess whose name runs through my head? Yours... more »

  • If Only The World Knew

    If only the world knew..
    all the pain that I'm going through.
    If only the world knew..
    how tiring it is to be overthrew.... more »

  • I'M The Jerk

    Maybe I'm the one who's taking this too deep
    Maybe I'm the one who is being too picky

    Maybe I'm the one who can't keep my mind straight... more »

  • Imagine...

    Imagine me,
    Staring up at the moon
    On a hot summer night
    Wondering where the hell you've gone... more »

  • Independence

    I declare independence, to I
    Here's to the war that lived within
    Here's to the battles I am tired to fight
    I surrender... more »

  • Laying It Down

    I’m laying my heart down for you,
    right here, on our island,
    at this very moment in time
    with the witness of the moon.... more »

  • Life

    Some people might say life sucks
    or life is full of shit
    While other people say life is beautiful
    or life is full of surprises... more »

  • Listen, Fool

    You can not give the world what you do not already have.
    You can not expect someone to do something that you cannot even do yourself.
    You can not say things that you do not believe in.... more »

  • Lost Faith

    How do you gain back a connection that has been lost?
    How do you apologize to the Almighty for the broken promises?
    How do you ask for forgiveness and purity?
    How do you pray?... more »

  • Love Doesn'T Last

    Love doesn't last
    It's true
    You love someone now,
    the next minute..poosh..the love is gone... more »

  • Love Lesson

    Tonight I wrote a love song
    and sung it to the lonely atmosphere around me.
    They listened, so passionately, at the soothing melody
    but rendered speechless at the words.... more »

  • Love Me Too?

    Why is it that I feel so empty..
    So alone..
    with just teardrops to comfort me?
    Where's the love...... more »

  • Love You

    I want to love you
    not create love for you
    I want to love everything that is you
    and the traits that make you an individual... more »

  • Mad

    Sometimes, I get
    really mad, not
    only at myself,
    but at everyone... more »