• Make A Change

    You feel like life has failed you
    treated you like a dog and tore you apart.
    Love, you can't even mention it,
    for it caused you a bleeding heart.... more »

  • Masks

    The sun brings out the best of me
    that people want to see
    I wear that mask to portray
    the amazing me,... more »

  • Me Siento Solo

    Nothing to look forward to.
    No one to share moments with.
    Just by myself.
    In this big world.... more »

  • Message

    my scars are there too,
    my anger, my frustration,
    my worries, my thoughts…... more »

  • Miserable

    My sister abused me,
    try to even kill me...
    My father doesn't even care,
    Act as if nothing's happening...... more »

  • Mispleasure

    Me, you, us
    laying heart to heart on the fluffy
    blanket you brought from home
    contemplating the stars in the dome of night... more »

  • Mistakes Are Meant To Be Learned

    Mistakes are meant to be learned.
    Not just thrown aside and spurned.
    Take the mistake and analyze it.
    Realize what you've done wrong... more »

  • Mlk - What A Great Hero He Is

    Martin Luther King Jr.
    was a great man who fighted for our freedom
    He was great leader in the Civil Rights movement
    and a great father of four... more »

  • Modern Love

    On the radio,
    at school,
    in the streets,
    all you hear are stories about drugs, violence, love, sex... more »

  • Mommy’s Sadness

    Mommy, I don’t like seeing you sad
    It makes me wanna cry
    Especially seeing you cry before my eyes
    Makes me wanna die... more »

  • Monday

    Monday, you said,
    I will call you Monday, baby,
    I promise.
    And I actually believed you this time... more »

  • Moon

    To B.B

    The moon opened it's skull tonight
    As night cut through it like a smooth delicate fruit... more »

  • Mutual Love

    Remember those days when we fell in love?
    Way back when....way back then...
    The happiness was all around us
    The joy,... more »

  • My Fantasy

    We're one inch apart
    I can feel you against me
    our breathing escalating
    as the air around us gets denser... more »

  • My Little Corner

    My little corner...
    that I use to go to went I need to think
    My little corner...
    that I use to sit and cry... more »

  • My Sister

    So I have this (older) sister,
    who, honestly, I really never loved that much
    She gets my last nerves, and is soooo selfish.
    But also she's so challenging and so smart... more »

  • No More Poetry?

    Have you ever felt like that?
    Like there is no emotion inside of you?
    Like you don't know anything... more »

  • Nobody’s Like You

    Nobody’s like you
    You’re special in every way
    You cheer me up, and calm me down
    With lovingness and kindness... more »

  • Not Over You..

    I'm not over you yet..
    Can't quite get you out of my morning thoughts
    and the feelings that I feel when I talk to you.
    I dream of things that can happen between us in the future,... more »

  • Note To Self

    I've returned
    Stronger and better
    Mind's set on a goal
    Head's set on a mission... more »

  • Ode To Sweets!

    Ode to sweets
    that brings smiles
    and give people cavities... more »

  • One Kiss

    Can I get one kiss
    Just one kiss...
    delicately..... more »

  • One More Time

    I remember the things that we used to do,
    the talks, the walks, the dances, the get-aways..
    the way that you made me feel good about myself
    after I would cry about my insecurities.... more »

  • Parasite In My Heart

    Every day is the same.
    Every moment ends this way.
    A sudden pain strikes my heart
    like a bad case of Tungiasis... more »

  • Piece Of My Mind

    Enter my brain,
    Go deep down my mind
    Find my thoughts and collect them.
    I can't wait to find that one person... more »