• A Beautiful Soul To Remember

    Suddenly, I remembered you,
    reminisced about the joyous moments
    Sometimes you're the reason for my little cries,
    but you always made me smile.... more »

  • A Waste Of Time To Think Of You

    A Waste of Time to Think of You

    I feel confused when you ask me something.
    Their something in your head makes me wonder.... more »

  • Agony In Your Heart

    I was standing in front of a peaceful lake.
    Suddenly your apparition appears on another side.
    I smiled at you and you smiling back at me.
    But your smile suddenly fades away.... more »

  • Bucketlist#15-11/Poems/My Simple Dream

    My Simple Dream
    Fifteen years ago, suddenly rain falling
    I run hastily, I smile when I bump to your side
    Thankful, found a shelter to keep me dry.... more »

  • Majestic Beauty Of Angkor Wat

    The amazing beauty suddenly captures my heart.
    The moment I saw you
    I feel hypnotize by majestic beauty within.... more »

  • Memories Ofmyunborn Alpha

    Few days past, But still I feel you
    I imagine that your still there
    And Happily listening to me
    Remember those memories... more »

  • My Dream Little Angel's

    Few Years passed
    but I'm still waiting for you my little Angels
    Jealous of other Venus
    with their blossoming womb... more »

  • My Simple True Friend

    My Simple True friend to count on

    Nowadays, we meet different people
    People that sometimes we consider as a friend... more »

  • Remarkable Woman

    My admiration towards your personality last forever
    Your working attitudes are one of a kind
    Love exerted in every task you do
    And make sacrifices in order to success... more »

  • She Dreamed My Dream

    I watched you in your hardest time
    That pretending that you are fine
    Hiding your deep sigh and tears
    I know you're tired.... more »

  • The Con Master

    Look stunning with his broad shoulder,
    Wears in a very respectable manner,
    Looks scary with too much authority,
    That demand everyone to vow him.... more »

  • The Humble Start Of Her Blossoming Power

    Sitting quietly in your humble waiting area.
    Observing the modern and elegant beauty.
    Symbolizing the strong personality and blossoming power.... more »

  • The Solemn Painter Of Me

    One day, I meet the wanderer
    Suddenlybutterflies flying within
    But pushesthe butterfly away
    Suddenly the wanderer alighted in my dreams... more »

  • You Complete Me

    Some of my friends ask me,
    Why I choose to be with you
    A reserved smile drawn from my lips
    And the same question played in my mind... more »