• You've watched the ground-hog's shadow and the shiftin' weather signs
    Till the Northern prairie starred itse'f with flowers;
    You've seen the snow a-meltin' up among the Northern pines
    And the mountain creeks a-roarin' with the showers.... more »

  • A Bad Half Hour

    Wonder why I feel so restless;
    Moon is shinin' still and bright,
    Cattle all is restin' easy,
    But I just kain't sleep tonight.... more »

  • A Border Affair

    Spanish is the lovin' tongue,
    Soft as music, lights as spray.
    'Twas a girl I learnt it from,
    Livin' down Sonora way.... more »

  • A Cowboy's Prayer

    (Written for Mother)

    Oh Lord, I've never lived where churches
    I love creation better as it stood
    That day You finished it so long ago... more »

  • Bachin'

    Our lives are hid; our trails are strange;
    We're scattered through the West
    In canyon cool, on blistered range
    Or windy mountain crest.... more »

  • From Town

    We're the children of the open and we hate the haunts o' men,
    But we had to come to town to get the mail.... more »

  • God Of The Open

    God of the open, though I am so simple
    Out in the wind I can travel with you,
    noons when the hot mesas ripple and dimple,
    Nights when the stars glitter cool in the blue.... more »

  • God's Reserves

    One time, 'way back where the year marks fade
    God said: 'I see I must lose my West,
    The place where I've always come to rest,
    For the White Man grows till he fights for bread... more »

  • Half-Breed

    Fathers with eyes of ancient ire,
    Old eagles shorn of flight,
    Forget the breed of my blue-eyed sire... more »

  • Hawse Work

    Stop! there's the wild bunch to right of the trail,
    Heads up and ears up and ready to sail,
    Led by a mare with the green in her eyes,... more »

  • HomeTown

    Our town has history enough.
    Across the railroad, on the bluff,
    Prof. scans the records of our age... more »

  • I Must Come Back

    I dread the break when I shall die—
    Not from my human friends, for they
    Are shifting shadows such as I... more »

  • Jeff Hart

    Jeff Hart rode out of the gulch to war
    When the low sun yellowed the pines.
    He waved to his folks in the cabin door... more »

  • Latigo Town

    You and I settled this section together;
    Youthful and mettled and wild were we then.
    You were the gladdest town out in the weather;... more »

  • My Enemy

    All mornin' in the mesa's glare
    After his crouchin' back I clattered,... more »

  • My Father And I

    My father prayed as he drew a bead on the graycoats,
    Back in those blazing years when the house was divided.
    Bless his old heart! There never was truer or kinder;... more »

  • My Pledge

    This I declare: As I trudge the road
    Of pain-filled souls with a heavy load—
    A pilgrim lad, with staff in hand, plodding along through the shifting sand;... more »

  • On Boot Hill

    Up from the prairie and through the pines,
    Over your struggling headboard lines
    Winds of the West go by.
    You must love them, you booted dead,... more »

  • On The Drive

    Oh, days whoop by with swingin' lope
    And days slip by a-sleepin',
    And days must drag, with lazy rope,... more »

  • On The Oregon Trail

    We're the prairie pilgrim crew,
    Sailin' with the sun,
    Lookin' West to meet a great reward,... more »

  • Others

    The daybreak comes so pure and still.
    He said that I was pure as dawn,
    That day we climbed to Signal Hill.... more »

  • Ridin'

    There is some that like the city—
    Grass that's curried smooth and green,
    Theaytres and stranglin' collars,
    Wagons run by gasoline—... more »

  • Roundup Lullaby

    Desert blue and silver in the still moonshine,
    Coyote yappin' lazy on the hill,
    Sleepy winks of lightnin' down the far sky line,
    Time for millin' cattle to be still.... more »

  • Saturday Night

    Out from the ranch on a Saturday night,
    Ridin' a hawse that's a shootin' star,... more »

  • The Bad Lands

    No fresh green things in the Bad Lands bide;
    It is all stark red and gray,
    And strewn with bones that had lived and died... more »