not really a 'poet' i just get bored and when i do i get stuck in my head. so I write even though my grammar is horrible! ! ! but that's alright cause I'm really just trying to express my emotions through my words, so that misspelled word or incorrect punctuation i think anyways, just completes the purpose that much more.
I mean even tho words have specific meanings what it means to you might mean something different to someone else, with a different interpretation of life... No matter how similar we may be we will always be our own


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Lifes Mess

How would I look if I took off this mask?
If I pealed my skin and looked within,
would my soul shine like the sun or
be dim like dusk?... more »

Verbally Ignorant Cheese

Put down hate, put down anger, put down bitterness, put down negativity.
Put down the chains that bind us to the ground, and let everything that’s holding us down collapse. Let it turn into rubble beneath our feet so we can walk freely once more.
Give back meaning to these dreams to these words we speak so ignorantly.
Put down our bleak rivalries, put down petty jalousies, put down pity.... more »

It Went

I watched life and failed to live.
Standing silent, staring so violent.
It came from behind me, stood right beside me.
It went from beside me, to too far in front of me.... more »

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