• A Bitter Batter

    Rich and poor, pitiful and proud, ying and yang, right and left, up and down, the good and the bad.
    One without the other would be nothing, nonexistent. How could you possibly know joy if you never experienced pain? Or vice versa. Basically in order for these things to exist they need to coexist, they need their opposites. We humans are no different, but like those thing we don’t have a cat to our dog. There is only us we are our own opposites. You can say man and woman but that’s not to the same effect.
    A man can be identical to a woman in many ways. Weather it be appearance, belief, morals, or ideals they can share these equally. Rather than hot and cold complete opposites. But for some reason unlike the weather, directions, nature, or all other opposites Man for some reason has not yet found its balance. We can not yet coexist peacefully.
    We always finding reasons to divide ourselves from one another, to be at war. We shout and we fight and we close our minds to our differences, when it is those very differences that make us who we are.... more »

  • For What

    Deep into the hole the rabbit went, so I followed with all my discontent.
    I crawled into the darkness with no light, darker than the dark of night.
    Through the soil into the earth, all the way down to the walls that birth.
    This rabbit I swore I would find him this night.... more »

  • It Went

    I watched life and failed to live.
    Standing silent, staring so violent.
    It came from behind me, stood right beside me.
    It went from beside me, to too far in front of me.... more »

  • It, I, We, They, This And That

    It is desire, it is a dream.
    I am despair, I am a nightmare.
    It is hope, it is accomplishment.
    I am pity, I am failure.... more »

  • Lifes Mess

    How would I look if I took off this mask?
    If I pealed my skin and looked within,
    would my soul shine like the sun or
    be dim like dusk?... more »

  • Next Line? Why Not

    ... more »

  • Overdue

    I’m afraid of your love babe, afraid that you love me.
    When heaven was calling I couldn’t help but stall them.
    Cause just one look at you and I knew that I loved you.... more »

  • Really Love The Rain

    I really love the rain, I really love the rain,
    cast your clouds, hide us from it all, wash away these stains
    it's my gift, it's my present, I’d spend an hour walking in it's presence.
    It's exactly how I feel man, it's exactly how I feel Ya...,... more »

  • Sunny Weather

    Nothings meant to last forever, not this world
    or its sunny weather.
    Not these words or the voice from witch they gather.... more »

  • Two Plates To Much

    To want with a passion, my desire I'm craving.
    In and out of love as much as I’m in and out of life.
    From one to the next and back again, happiness is my strife.
    I try to put it together try to make it rhyme, but there’s too much... more »

  • Untitled

    For everyone whom ever wronged another.
    I wish you a life of sunshine and warmness,
    I pray that you heart will be filled with kindness.... more »

  • Verbally Ignorant Cheese

    Put down hate, put down anger, put down bitterness, put down negativity.
    Put down the chains that bind us to the ground, and let everything that’s holding us down collapse. Let it turn into rubble beneath our feet so we can walk freely once more.
    Give back meaning to these dreams to these words we speak so ignorantly.
    Put down our bleak rivalries, put down petty jalousies, put down pity.... more »